Beds still burning


Tim Blair

Working tirelessly on the “greatest moral challenge of our generation

The Port Kembla Wave Generator Project – a ”a terrific example of clean energy” – now lies dormant on the ocean floor:

The project was launched by Peter Garrett two months ago.

Flashback: “can’t wait another day…”

Meanwhile, another climate-themed conference was recently held in Bolivia

The AGW community is behaving exactly like the UFO cult studied by psychologist Leon Festinger in his classic study of cognitive dissonance, reports Art Horn.

Perhaps, what we really need, is a medal for courageous restraint.

One thought on “Beds still burning”

  1. I have been of the mind that hydro could be generated from waves.
    I believe they didn’t research this project enough in a lab environment before putting it in actual practise.

    The power of water is constant and unforgiving. You must test the strength of the moorings for years before actually installing it.
    Also, the cables or chains used to attach the cotnraption to the moorings must be solid and coated with a plastic jacket to ensure salt water doesn’t corrode the steel or titanium.
    I once had a very good design that rested right on the bottom and didn’t require cables but after testing found that sand shifting became the culprit. It is an extremely difficult way of generating hydro.
    The best bet may be using river generators to use the incoming and exiting tides.

    Global Warming is a sham and it is insane that our politicians still swallow the conept of man-made global warming as truth.
    The sun and atmospheric moisture play a much larger role than does the small amounts of CO2 that is released by man and animals like cattle.
    Speaking of cattle, I think that a way of trappig cattle and pig farts would be a much better solution. The we could use the methane generated for heat.

    My view is that we have experienced a short period of global warming and are now headed for an ice-age that could last 1000 years.

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