Cartoon Madness

State Department bows to Sharia, condemns Motoons

Disgraceful. The tradition of Condi Clueless continues. Remember her?

“Disrespect for the Holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States” ~ Condi Rice

These shameful and spineless words were spoken like a true dhimmi in a futile attempt to sooth and appease the supposed indignity of our adversaries. Such a graven display of cowardice  will only act to embolden our adversaries and those seeking the internal destruction of our nation.

And yet, it gets worse by the day under the crooked Obama administration:

Did the U.S. State Department ever condemn “Piss Christ” or Chris Ofili’s dung-encrusted portrait of the Virgin Mary? Of course not. They’re only condemning the Motoons because of the anti-free speech campaign of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which kicked into high gear in response to the original Danish cartoons of Muhammad. So the U.S. State Department is demonstrating that violence and intimidation work — which only ensures that we will see more of it.

And with its fig-leaf defense of the freedom of speech below, issued in the context of deploring and denouncing the Motoons, amounts to a call for self-censorship. Now, self-censorship is something we all do all the time, in innumerable contexts: if everyone always said what he thought, there would be a lot more broken relationships and lost jobs, etc. But politeness and respect are not what are at issue here, and the point of publishing the Motoons is not to cause offense, although they will certainly do that. The key fact is that the cartoons arouse in Muslims not only murderous rage but attempts to restrict the freedom of speech through legal avenues. As such, self-censorship amounts only to self-imposed dhimmitude, and to acquiescence to the supremacy and rule of Sharia.

That’s why the Motoons are not a stunt, not a joke, not a raspberry to anyone, not an exercise in obnoxiousness or gratuitous offense. The Motoons are rather the foremost battleground in the defense of the freedom of speech today. Every newspaper in the country should be printing them today, to show they are not cowed and will defend free speech. The State Department should be explaining what I am explaining now. Instead, this.

“US slams blasphemous Facebook images,” from the Daily Times, May 22 JW has more

Other news from JW:

“Muslims in South Africa have struggled and sacrificed side by side with its fellow citizens to work for a free and democratic society based on the values of human dignity and honour to its entire people,” the website said.

Values that Sharia law would obliterate, mind you.

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  1. “Disrespect for the Holy Koran …

    Bzzzt! The “holy koran” is full of blasphemies and disrespect for God and Jesus Christ, and those who follow the “holy koran” are doomed. The nations are playing with fire, and will get burned.

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