Cesspool of Hatred

Ahmadinejad needs cannon fodder:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is urging his people to have more children. Anyone else think he’s looking to increase the population of potential suicide bombers? While the birthrate was high in Iran between 1979-93, there were also thousands of people sent to their deaths clearning minefields during the war with Iraq (1980-88). If there’s another war like that today, he may not have enough suicide bombers.  Carl in J’lem 8:42 AM


Carl in J’lem:

Reneging on his promise not to impose ‘peace’ on Israel, President Obumbler has promised ‘moderate‘ ‘Palestinian‘ PresidentMahmoud AbbasAbu Mazen a statereichlet within two years, an Egyptian official told the London-based pan-Arabic daily al-Hayat on Thursday.3:03 PM

Israeli diplomat attacked in England

British press ignored attack on Israeli diplomat

A foreign diplomat is physically attacked in her host country by a screaming mob, and not a single media outlet in Great Britain outside the Jewish press has seen fit to mentioning it. Elder of Ziyon

Talya Lador-Fresher, Israel’s deputy ambassador to Britain, was attacked by pro-‘Palestinian’ ‘students’ on Wednesday night as she left a lecture she had given at the University of Manchester

More Muslims are now being murdered in terror attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan than in the Middle East. And I’m sure they’re murdering each other because they’re hoping it will solve the ‘Palestinian problem.

Yeah, that must be it.

Siege news: 200,000 laptops going to Gaza

And you thought that Israel is only allowing starvation-level amounts of food into Gaza and nothing else!

Obama Wants to Topple Netanyahu

To Muslim POTUS  Barack Hussein Obama, the sitting Israel Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu is a thorn in the flesh. He is simply representing Israeli interests with determination and fighting against the dismantling of his country – and that doesn’t bode well. It is now the ultimate time for a little psychological warfare against Bibi by Washington. [PI has more…]

3 thoughts on “Cesspool of Hatred”

  1. 200,000 laptop computers and “quick-courses” in hacking computers, links to terrorism sites, “the anarchists cookbook”, etc.

  2. Obama Wants to Topple Netanyahu

    Yes, of course Obama wants to topple Bibi. He also wants to topple Jerusalem and the rest of Israel.
    He know damned well that a two-state solution wouldn’t work, that the Palestinians would simply overrun Israel with suicide bombings, etc. That’s why Israel pushed them to where they are now, in Gaza. Didn’t this man study any history at all?
    Oh yes, he only heard the Islamic version of history, didn’t he?

  3. While I’m sure Amadinejad will be happy to have a larger pool of mental defectives from which to recruit future martyrs, I believe that his primary purpose is simply an oft-stated doctrine of the religion of peace – outbreed us kufr to extinction. “We shall impose the world caliphate through the wombs of our women…”
    And why not, as long as we’re stupid enough to allow these disgusting hordes to freely emigrate to our democratic countries, which they then proceed to bankrupt by collecting welfare from the indigenous, working taxpayers?

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