“Democracy will cease to exist when you take from those who have earned it and give to those who have not.”

Thomas Jefferson

Pic thanks to Jihad Watch Deutschland

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel warns of “Islamophobia”

“…and it should remain possible to criticize Israel about settlements…” JW Deutschland

“Real breakthrough”  in the UK

Britain’s first female Muslim members of parliament celebrated after winning seats in the general election.

SKY News

Rushanara Ali, the first person of Bangladeshi origin to be elected to the British parliament, stood for Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labour Party. She won the east London seat of Bethnal Green and Bow with a comfortable majority.

Credentials: Labour, Islam, RESPECT, Yuman Rites, etc…..

‘To millions of Bangladeshis around the world, it will mean so much to them that somebody of their background has been elected to the mother of all parliaments,’ said the 35-year-old, who was born in Sylhet and moved to east London when she was seven.

East London is the heart of the Bangladeshi community in Britain. Some street signs around the Brick Lane area are written in English and Bengali.

Labour’s Shabana Mahmood and Yasmin Qureshi also feted being among the first wave of Muslim women ever elected to the House of Commons.

Mahmood won the seat of Birmingham Ladywood in Britain’s second city. The constituency has the highest percentage claiming unemployment benefits in Britain.

Shabana Mahmood was born and bred in Birmingham. She studied at Oxford University, then became a lawyer.

She described her victory as ‘a real breakthrough’.

‘I think it sends a powerful message… Parliament should reflect the people it represents.’

Yasmin Qureshi, 46, a Pakistani-born lawyer, moved to Britain when she was nine. She was elected in Bolton, northwest England.

‘I’m absolutely delighted. Obviously, I am very pleased the voters of Bolton South East chose a Labour candidate and elected a Labour MP.

‘It is a truly humbling experience and I promise to work very hard for the constituents.’

Saturday night Taliban:

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  1. I get those kinds of calls all the time but usually the misinterpreter is on the other end of the phone.
    The calls always seem to come in at dinner time and they’re trying to sell me something over the tele…

  2. Multiculturism is a policy the West adopted after the 2nd world war. How any western country can allow a person from a third world country to contest a seat is beyond belief. If these people had half a brain, they would go back to their native countries and do something good for them. How can a person from a third world country be good for a Western countries political scene? Where have the brains of the west gone to?

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