Clinton sends "clear message" to North Korea

Obama speak. “Clear messages”, like “Daniel Pearls Beheading ‘Captured the World’s Imagination’ and “Islam good, Jews bad” will truly inspire the world for generations.

Ah, in case you haven’t noticed: “transparent” administration no mo:

Obama Hides from Press: No Conference Since July

Shrillery Bonus: “the rich are not paying their fair share…”

Hillary Clinton: North Korea ‘must stop provocative behaviour’

North Korea must face international consequences for torpedoing a South Korean warship, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, warned on Friday.

Whenever I hear “Clinton” I get the creeps. Obama gives me goose bumps.

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Willie Clitman Watch:

Tea Party ‘Terrorists’

Be on the lookout for terrorists such as this man.

TEA Party members like him are dangerous to Obamamerica. They have a warped sense of Justice and demand we all follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights instead of what our Glorious Leaders want.  Do not try to apprehend. Instead call Obama’s Terrorist Hotline or the FBI.

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  1. oh man – I don’t know how to get that pic of Hillary out of my mind now! You know – I knew that she sat on her brains and has her head up it. Does anyone else notice that her butt look as rippled as a brain does?

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