Deporting shiite sheikh 'would breach human rights'

By Sarah Gerathy/ABC

The Federal Government has been accused of ignoring international human rights conventions by deciding to deport a Sydney Muslim Shia cleric.

Australians no longer have human rights. The Muslim dominated UN dictates that Muslim rights abrogate our “man made” law. Australian politicians and the judiciary have abdicated their responsibility. Our elected “leaders” no longer safeguard the interests of the people. Islam rules.

Can’t get rid of him:

Dr Leghaei’s wife and son have been granted permanent residency.

Iranian-born Sheikh Mansour Leghaei, who has lived in Australia for the past 16 years, will be deported within six weeks because ASIO made an adverse security finding against him in 1997.

The United Nations advised the Government not to deport the sheikh because of claims he had been denied a fair hearing over the adverse security finding.

Dr Leghaei had asked Immigration Minister Chris Evans to use his ministerial power to allow him to stay in Australia.

Senator Evans said he carefully considered whether to stop the cleric being deported from Australia but declined to intervene in his case.

“The Department has spoken to him this morning and advised him that his wife and son have been granted visas on the basis of their long-term residence and their connection and integration in Australia,” Senator Evans said.

“But because of the adverse security assessment on Dr Leghaei he will not be granted a visa and I will not intervene on his behalf.”

Dr Leghaei’s supporters say he is a leader of inter-faith relations between Muslims and Christians.

He has been fighting to get permanent residency for 13 years.

But standing in his way is the ASIO security assessment, which says he is a threat to national security and is suspected of “acts of foreign interference”.

Under Australian law, ASIO is under no obligation to tell Dr Leghaei why it suspects him, so he has taken his case to the Immigration Review Tribunal, the Federal and High Courts.

The sheikh says he has never been told of the allegations contained in his ASIO file or been given the chance to respond to them.

“That is the mystery in this case, that you are thought to be a risk to national security, despite all the positive work that you have done here and despite all numerous letters of support,” he said.

“It’s not only local community, the wider community also knows me and respects all what I’ve done.”

The sheikh’s barristers have written to the United Nations claiming the Government’s treatment of his case violates his human rights under international covenants that Australia has signed.

The co-director of Sydney University’s Centre for international law, Ben Saul, is one of the barristers representing the sheikh.

Associate Professor Saul says the sheikh should be given a chance to answer the allegations against him.

“If there’s evidence, all the sheikh asks is that evidence be provided to him so that he can challenge it,” he said.

“How can a person get a fair trial? How can a person get a fair hearing unless they see at least some of the evidence against them? The sheikh’s seen nothing.

“He’s been denied an opportunity for a fair hearing in his national security deportation assessment.

“International human rights law requires that a person be given sufficient information or access to the evidence against them before they’re deported on national security grounds.

“And at no time has the sheikh been able to see any of the evidence against him.”

Today Associate Professor Saul produced copies of a letter the UN wrote to the Australian Government on April 21 asking it not to deport Dr Leghaei for at least a year, while it considered his case.

“If Australia proceeds to deport the sheikh it will be in direct contravention of its obligations under its international human rights treaties and in direct contravention of a specific order issued by the UN committee,” he said

15 thoughts on “Deporting shiite sheikh 'would breach human rights'”

  1. Get rid of him – there is a reason why ASIO considers him a danger. Saul
    why don’t you take your talents and try and defend one of the countless who are dragged up before islamic freaks and executed on a regular basis.

  2. And take that creepy family with him. Australia is becoming as bad as the US, letting the enemy stay and live off the state while they plot our destruction.

  3. Austrlaia is a country of immigrants, only aboriginals have the rights to say who come here and they don’t have any problem with Sheikh, they did have problem with Englishmen who occupied this land originally.
    This man is not freak, in fact he is an opposite. He preaches the youths peace, even small things like follow the traffic rules, fear God while speeding, no drugs, always peaceful, even for his campaign he strictly prohibited throwing a stone. That’s why Christian priests are supporting him like Father Dave. ASIO did do too many blunders and even in this case Court ordered ASIO to pay 1/3 of Sheikh’s legal costs becuase the intentionally mistranlated Sheikh’s notes and ASIO had to withdraw case on the basis of his notes.

  4. Muslim rights abrogate our “man made” law
    Why do so many muslims cry “human rights”then, can any scholar of islamic jurisprudence show me where any so called holy book says muslims can’t be deported.Thought not.
    So a devout muslim squeals “human rights “violation in defiance of his islamic beliefs.Why aren’t other muslims threatening to kill him for putting man made laws before the laws of god.The answer to that is because they are hypocrites who are only devout when it suits them.
    Auzzies,respect this mans beliefs by deporting or eliminating the parasite.
    Don’t make the mistake Europe has made by inviting a civil war.Keep your country islam free or you will lose pride in the great efforts your forefathers made in producing a great country

    1. Its a one way street with Islam. We give, they take. By right. That’s what their religion teaches. We, the dhimmies, have to pay the jiziya with willing submission, while feeling subdued. If we refuse, the jihad continues.

      The imam is sitting pretty. His Yuman Rites (no such concept exists in the Islamic sharia) are protected by the cursed laws of the infidels, “man made” law, which he is religiously obliged to replace with the sharia.

      That is the imams sole purpose for being here. He will stop at nothing to work towards that goal.

  5. Hassan,

    Cut that nonsense. Australia would NOT be what it is had the “Christian” whiteman NOT gotten to it first. Tell me something Hassan, how come we NEVER hear of your people immigrating to Pakistan, or to Iran – after all, aren’t these regarded as pure “islamic” countries. What is it about those “Christian” nations that lure you?

    I blame the Australians for having annulled the religion factor when accepting immigrants. This will cost them dearly when you people have multiplied enough to create a majority.

  6. Funny how muslims know their “rights” (with the help of the diversity industry), yet are not bound by the infidel laws that give them “rights”.

  7. Hassan,
    You people are bending to rule of law to break the law. The man is not clean, despite your protestations. The Christians priests support him because they fear that muslims will become aggressive if he is deported – the joke is muslims are already aggressive – perhaps not you – your mail suggests that you are a peaceful person – but others from a non-significant minority. I live in Europe and I see the mess than muslims are creating here – and I do not want the same in Australia. And if that means removing all muslims from Australia then that will be done – do not be silly enough to believe that it cannot be done. I see very little from the so-called moderate muslim majority in the way of containing the violent religious freaks in your midst – I cannot be kinder. And until that changes you are all tarred with the same brush. Labor seems to be importing large numbers of undesirable muslims into Australia – over the last year we have had over 300.00 arriving on Christmas Island and on the mainland – these people come with little references and are a potential danger. Our population is small, and we cannot maintain our standards when resources are being diverted to a non-representative group of thugs who show no wish or inclination to contribute or to integrate. Unless you people clean up your act you are out!! We are not far from a civil war in parts of Europe, the populations are fed-up with the idiotic requests made by selfish muslims, and the populations are growing wearing of the lame excuses being fed to them by those to whom the welfare of the European nation was entrusted. This is not racism (and islam is not a race) – a significant number of muslims behave like pigs and we have every right to see that they are deported or otherwise removed from our shores, both Europe and Australia. To correct your history, the Aboriginals also came here from elsewhere, displacing another group of whom very little evidence still exists, but there is some. We want no part of your culture – it has little if nothing to offer – and I have been in Muslim lands. We want no part of your religion – the mindless acceptance of the words of a sixth century criminal is not a recipe for a modern and progressive society. Indeed such societies have never existed in the muslim world. Progress in the muslim world has been largely stagnant for almost 1000 years – and you cannot keep blaming others for this. If muslims want to live in Australia then they accept our laws, and our customs, and they accept that islam takes a very distinct second place to the welfare of Australia and its people. If they cannot accept this then they must leave – because if you people keep pushing the response will destroy you. Your people have been warned, and the ball is now in your court. Violence will be met with violence times three, so do not try that path.

    To other readers,

    On other news re: the Lockerbie case – the gentleman concerned is alive and well as reported by the Israeli news feeds.

    The Scottish government must be made to explain the real reasons why this man was released after having played a significant role in the murder of over 500 innocent people.

    1. He is a ‘practising Muslim’ he says.

      Perhaps the interviewer should have asked him about Israel, Jews, jiziya & dhimmitude instead of giving him slobbering fellatio.

  8. “Dr Leghaei’s supporters say he is a leader of inter-faith relations between Muslims and Christians.”

    Another good reason to deport him. Interfaith is da’wa pure and simple.

    And who decides who gets deported – our Government or the Islam-run UN?

  9. Kaw, last night Australian 60 Minutes ran a story on the Burqah and Mulsims, showing riots in France, non assimilation in the Netherlands and talked about the growing problems in the U.K. Liz Hayes interviewed Anjum Chowdhury who advocated stoning for adultery under the Sharia Law he wants for England.

    It should have been a good ‘wake up’ call to anyone who saw it, as the overall message was that Muslim integration is not working.

  10. Aussiegirl,
    I hope people start convincing the politicians to halt muslim immigration and to deport the trouble makers. Muslims contribute significantly to rape and other violent crime in Europe: we now have gangs of these thugs in the town where I live. The law here is pretty strict so the people are protected, but sooner or later these muslim thugs will have to be taken down. It is good that the MSM are starting to tell people about what we know sometime ago. But our main enemy are not the thug muslims – they are cowards and can be terminated very easily – our main enemy are the PC labor jerks who are letting these thugs in, compromising our laws and selling OUR country behind our back.

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