4 thoughts on “Dhimmi Hood”

  1. Why the surprise Hollywoodland land is full of left wing Islamophile moonbats, Green NAZI’s, AGW worshipers and Gays and Lesbians what else would you expect of such numpties.

  2. Lets face it HOLLYWOOD has been punting BLACK PRESIDENTS, black Bosses, Black Chief Detectives, Black brilliant Scientists, Black computer EXPERTS, Blacks the most moral men, Black as the hero’s bestest truest most longest friend ever for decades now.
    In Hollywoodland land what the Black NEVER is the CRIMINAL (or if he is he is ALWAYS misunderstood and INNOCENT of this particular crime or FORCED in to the crime by wicked whitey and his persecution) or the villain or the Terrorist.
    No those parts are reserved for Whitey and preferably South American or European WHITEYS. Now I am not saying in real life some Blacks are not Chiefs of Police or Bosses or Scientists but in EVERY movie and TV show they ALWAYS are and that is NOT reality that is PROPAGANDA.
    The same idiocy is also now being practiced with Mohammedans in movies and TV shows.

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