"Don't call him Hussein, that's derogatory…"

“Calling America’s first (and hopefully last) Muslim POTUS  “Hussein” is humilitating, derogatory and ‘disrespectful’.”

Strange reasoning from strange people. It was Obama himself, who demanded that his middle name be included (after he was elected, of course)

“We don’t have to insult the president of the United States,” Lawrence A. Allen Jr., a Houston Democrat and an African-American, told Bradley. “I’m asking you to please withdraw your amendment.” Miami Herald

The lying son of a Kenyan Muslim and a Gramskian whore is an insult to America. He insults decent citizens of the United States every day and spits on the constitution.

Who Is This Barry Hussein Obama-Soetoro, Really?

Obama’s Middle Name Ignites Textbook Battle


…the debate remained polite until the topic focused on President Obama. Then it got personal. Lawrence Allen, a black former high school principal from Houston offered a motion to enter President Barack Obama’s name in a section of the curriculum that recognized significant dates in U.S. History.

David Bradley, a white businessman from Beaumont, motioned that the president’s legal name should be used, Barack Hussein Obama. “I think we give him the full honor and privilege of his full name.”

“I am getting pretty fed up with this,” said Democrat Mary Helen Berlanger. “You don’t have to be derogatory. We don’t always put in Jefferson in William Jefferson Clinton.”

“The intent behind what you are doing I think is pretty obvious,” said Republican Bob Craig.

“This is our first black president,” said board member Mavis Knight, who is black. “You are making it sound humiliating.” Read it all…


State run media turns America into a Banana Republic

Latest White House-Produced Propaganda “West Wing Week” Video

White House officials deny that they are attempting to end-run reporters. In fact, they say such initiatives as “West Wing Week” are evidence of greater candor. “These videos are just one part of the president’s effort to have the most transparent White House in history,” said Nick Shapiro, a spokesman, who added that “West Wing Week” “is yet another way for people to get a better sense of what’s happening at the White House and why.” WaPo has more

Obama’s propaganda is produced by a trusted Muslim:

The videos, created by official White House videographer Arun S. Chaudhary, also provide a few things the White House press corps doesn’t get to see. (irrelevant. Nothing but rubbish and trivia…)

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America’s Muslim POTUS Praises Islam

Latest Obamination:

Obama: I am fully committed to “the Mexican people” — as I trash Arizonians

10 thoughts on “"Don't call him Hussein, that's derogatory…"”

  1. derogatory?
    people have a short memory span,
    King Hussein of Jordan was not a bad king,
    so why the association with Sadam Hussein?
    the ludicrous left gets too touchy on this unnecessarily.

    1. “not a bad king?”

      What is the opposite of a bad king? A good king? One who hysterically exhorted the believers to “itbach al yahood” when the Arabs set out to annihilate the state of Israel and every Jew in it? Was Jordan and the plucky little king not involved in every war on Israel?

      Who feeds Jordan? What does Jordan produce?

      Look at the Muslim-dominated countries. There are 57 members of the O.I.C. How many of those dominated by Muslims are at all “democratic”? How many hold elections, but the elections are farcical? How many Arab Muslim countries are ruled by families who seize much of the nation’s wealth — or demurely, by now, merely have it appropriated — such as the Al-Maktoum of Dubai, the Al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, the Al-Thani of Qatar, the Al-Sabah of Kuwait, and so on


      …. there are the monarchs — the kinglet of Jordan, for example, who does not have oil and gas but have a long tradition of extracting foreign aid. It was the C.I.A., or rather American taxpayers, who picked up the bills for the high-end call girls who arrived at the assorted suites of that “plucky little king” Hussein of Jordan, every Western columnist’s favorite Arab leade). How long has Mubarak with his Family-and-Friends plan been ruling in Egypt, and how “democratic” are any of his farcical elections? In Tunisia, where Ben Ali continues, thank god, to ruthlessly round up those who oppose the secularist tendencies of his regime, which merely continues what Habib Bourguiba and the Destour Party started, what would happen if the secret police stopped their work? In the Sherifian monarchy (the king being a descendant of Muhammad, which helps to protect him from attack) of Morocco, where is the democracy?

      More here

      Besides missing the point altogether – nobody associates the Obamessiah with Saddam Hussein-, its his name!

      This “magic negro” was born a Muslim and raised as a Muslim; something he and his handlers entirely denied before the most expensive election in history. Everyone who brought it up was shouted down; it was “racist” to mention it.

      And that’s the crux of the bisquit.

  2. Sheik,
    i did not call Hussein a good king,
    but his reputation was more favorable than saddams.
    Just to associate hussein with islam is not really convincing,
    names can be used in many ways.
    to connect hussein with the muslim background of
    obama is now discrimination and negative?
    but how can it be negative and discriminatory, if it is suppose
    to be possitive, and the guy calls himself barack hussein obama
    (and talks about islam more than about other religions).
    but as implied; one can not use the name properly the way
    his supporters do, so it is all about political correctness
    not about racism.
    Another thing; OIC still has 56 members; Palestine is not a state yet
    but is represented in the OIC.
    Guyana and Suriname are members but are not really muslim-

  3. Well, his middle name is out there for everyone to see. MY question is about his FIRST name. Wasn’t “Burak” (I’ve also seen it as “Buraq”) the winged horse with a boys head the mode of transportation for old mo to go to the “furtherest mosque”?

  4. Obama was not born a Muslim or raised as a moslim, get your facts straight. His father was raised as a Moslim, but was an atheist, his mother was raised in a non-religeous household, he lived with his mother and stepfather for a while in Indonesia, where he attended a local and a catholic school. At 10 years old he went to live with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii, again in a non-religious household. Afer Hawaii he attended the universities in USA. Where did you ever read that he was attending services in mosque either in Hawaii or the USA.
    He smokes and drinks alcohol, what a moslim.
    That you don’t like his way towards the moslims is another story.
    But he is getting plenty of them killed with the drone attacks, he is not that liked there anymore and many other places.
    European countries governments are wimps too when it comes to Islam, only Geert Wilders realy set the record straight.
    All the people of non-Islam countries have to fight the Islamatization, since our leaders are not doing it.
    No more mosques or Islam schools, they don’t have christian schools in Islam nations either or when they are there, most likely they will be burned down.

  5. It always puzzled me that Muslims claim to own Jerusalem based on Mo’s dream about how he flew on a winged donkey to a far mosque. Jerusalem is never mentioned in the qu’ran.

    If I have a dream that I live in a mansion in Beverley Hills, does that mean I can claim ownership?

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