Elvis checks out, Chompsky gets the boot….


Elvis Costello:

It is after considerable contemplation that I have lately arrived at the decision that I must withdraw from the two performances scheduled in Israel on the 30th of June and the 1st of July. Read it if you care>>

Chompsy gets shafted

Atlas Shrugs:

Thank G-d those do-gooder jewicidals didn’t have their way. Chomsky is an intellectual fraud and a pox on the Jewish people. Chomsky is an accomplice to genocide and should be shunned in every decent country, town, university, society everywhere.


If he’s a Jewish intellectual, I am a Muslim scholar.

“Prominent Jewish lecturer” in an upside down world. Goebbels was a “prominent lecturer on the Jewish people” too, no? There is nothing the enemy loves more than a jihadist with a Jewish name.

Israel denies entry of prominent American Jewish lecturer who speaks out against Israel (Guysen.International News)

Of course, the Arabs know all about free speech and the  lecture is free: “Israel is a  totalitarian regime which feels there is something to hide and there is someone and something to fear…”

Jewish intellectual Noam Chomsky, one of the prominent speakers against the Israeli policy, was stopped Sunday while trying to enter Israel through the Allenby Bridge. According to the officials, Chomsky was scheduled to deliver a lecture at the Birzeit University and was detained at the border crossing for more than four hours. An activist with Chomsky said the authorities refused to permit him to enter israel.The American radical political activist was slated to visit the territories at the request of the university and Palestinian lawmaker Mustafa Barghouti, president of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees.

2 thoughts on “Elvis checks out, Chompsky gets the boot….”

  1. Let Elvis perform in Palestine. Better still, send him to Saudi Arabia or Iran to perform.

    BTW. I am now placing all of my Costello albums in direct sunlight on a hot pavement.

  2. He is the ultimate hypocrite…he has NEVER lived how he constantly tells others to live.
    This is an excellent book to read if any of you can find it….
    ”Do as I say , not as I Do”……profiles in liberal hypocrisy by Peter Schweizer.

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