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The world of Gordon Clown:

Labour has common bond with Muslims, Brown tells The Muslim News

As if we didn’t know that already…..

The Prime Minister defended the much criticised counter terrorism Prevent Violent Extremism programme which has impacted negatively on the young Muslims. “No young person who is a law-abiding citizen should have anything to worry about Prevent. We are trying to build links between all the different communities. We are putting a huge amount of resources into building interfaith links and to build links between different schools and communities and between young people in the different faith groups and their communities,” he said. H/T Tundra Tabloids

Good ol’Gordon. Still trying to replace the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat. Complain about taxes and you’re a “bigot”.

Islam in Europe

Copenhagen: Jews take off kippas in Muslim areas to avoid harassment

A kippa can get you killed….

Denmark: Danish law should take Sharia into account, say researchers

For example, an Arab man kills his daughter. Should Danish law ignore the concept of honor murder? Should the father be prosecuted, as is the case for any ‘normal’ murder, or should the entire family be held responsible? Is taking culture into account always bad?  Denmark: Push for Sharia >>

Germany: Burqa ban ‘inappropriate’: interior minister

Suckers…. Such a move is “inappropriate and therefore not required,” Thomas de Maiziere said, according to excerpts of an interview published by the Leipziger Volkszeitung local daily.

On Sunday German MEP Silvana Koch-Mehrin, European parliament vice-president and a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s junior coalition partners, called for a Europe-wide ban.

Europe: Interest in Burka-ban following Belgian vote/The Norwegian Justice Ministry recently concluded such a ban would conflict with the European Convention of Human Rights.

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Police stop Muslim woman wearing veil burqa in Italy

A police official told the AFP news agency the woman would have to pay a 500-euro (£430) fine.

“There are still some people that refuse to understand that our community in Novara does not accept and does not want people going around wearing the burka.”  Al BeBeeCeera

French Anti-Semites Tear Gas Elderly Man at Synagogue

Three men sprayed tear gas on an elderly Jew outside a French synagogue Sunday, the second violent attack on Jews in the country in three days. The attackers of the elderly man left behind an anti-Semitic slogan, according to the London Telegraph.

Che Guevara sends his regards: At the moment the police think the attackers were “right-wingers” but one of the perps is seen here with a Che Guevara T-shirt……Links to this post