Europe is un-Islamic, complains Ihsanoglu…

Not. Turkey’s bullshitter in chief whines that Burqa bans are ‘un-European’

Bans on burqas are “very un-European,” the head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC ), Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, said Thursday in Vienna, calling on Europeans to honour the values of tolerance and freedom. (Note that he didn’t call for tolerance and freedom in Islamic countries/ed)


Meanwhile, back in Turkey, the Islamofascists in government are getting rid  of those in the military and the judiciary who stand in the way of  the Islamic  revolution……NYT

Islam in Europe/EarthTimes

Belgium’s parliament approved a draft law banning the wearing of full-length veils last Thursday, while similar rules have been drafted in France and in a Swiss canton.

“We have been always listening and learning and reading that Europe is a continent of freedoms, not of bans,” the Secretary General of the group of 57 Islamic countries said. (Yes indeed, Mister Turkish man. We would like to keep it that way/ed)

“This is very un-European in my understanding
,” he told the German Press Agency dpa. (Ihsanoghly wouldn’t know what un-European is if it came to bite him in the dick/ed)

Ihsanoglu was in Vienna to address a meeting of the Organization for Co-operation and Security in Europe.

The Turkish OIC head stressed that burqas are nothing Islamic but a traditional dress worn in some areas. “I personally don’t like it,” he said.

In his address to OSCE envoys, Ihsanoglu lamented that many Europeans consider Islam alien to European culture and society. “In fact, Islam was indigenous to Europe since the 8th century,” he said, pointing to the Muslim presence on the Spanish peninsula. (Not. Islam came to conquer and we got rid of the bastards. Lets do it again before they get rid of us/ed)

Turkish Parliament Approves Bill to Overhaul Judiciary and Role of Military


ANKARA, Turkey (Reuters) — Turkey’s Parliament early on Friday approved a bill introduced by the governing Islamist-rooted AK Party to overhaul the Constitution, clearing the way for a referendum that secularists have pledged to try to block in court.

The bill, which would overhaul the judiciary and the role of the military, will now go to President Abdullah Gul for his signature, after which a referendum can be held within 60 days.

The main opposition party has said that it will appeal to the Constitutional Court to block the referendum, which it says would cement the governing AK Party’s grip on power.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who faces a general election set for 2011, says the constitutional changes are needed to meet the demands of the European Union, which Turkey would like to join. He denies that the party is motivated by Islamist concerns.

“The reform package has been approved by the Parliament’s general assembly,” the Parliament’s speaker, Mehmet Ali Sahin, said after lawmakers passed the bill shortly after 2 a.m., ending a marathon session. “Let it bring good things to our country.”

The bill lacked the two-thirds majority needed to immediately become law. But it secured 336 votes in the 550-seat Parliament, enough to put the proposals to a referendum.

The government has said it plans to hold the referendum in July.

The reform drive has unsettled some investors, because it has stirred tensions between the AK Party, which has its roots in political Islam, and an entrenched secular elite, which is centered in the judiciary and the military.

The two pillars of the proposed overhaul call for revamping the Constitutional Court, the ultimate guardian of Turkey’s secular Constitution, and the restructuring of the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors, which is responsible for managing the judiciary.

Critics accuse the AK Party of seeking the changes to undermine the independence of the judiciary and to install its supporters in senior judicial posts, as part of a long-term strategy to roll back secularism in Turkey.

The main opposition party has said it will appeal to the Constitutional Court to block the referendum. Such a situation could lead to institutional paralysis, which could force Mr. Erdogan to call for an immediate election.

The country’s chief prosecutor, who previously tried to shut down the AK Party, has called the changes undemocratic.

There has been speculation that he could begin a fresh attempt to ban the party, which embraces center-right and nationalist elements, as well as a core of religious conservatives. The party has been in power since 2002.

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