Fanatical Frenzy Watch: Muslims Prove Beyond Any Doubt That They Worship Muhammad!

Islam is, in fact, Mohammedanism. Muslims are Muhammad worshippers.

That’s why we celebrate “Draw Muhammad Day”, Here’s some stuff from ZIP, enjoy!

Muslims always deny it, but nobody in the Islamic world really cares about the imaginary moon-god of the ancient desert Arabs. The whole cult was invented, and evolves around the 7th century bandit, caravan raider, slave trader and child molester Muhammad:


Pakistan: Thousands rally against Facebook because of Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

Note the threats on some of the signs.

Islamic War On Free Speech Alert, and an update on this story. “Muslim anger prompts Pakistan to block Facebook,” by Babar Dogar for Associated Press, May 19 (thanks to JW):


Islam is known for it’s violence towards, not only other religions but to their very women. Nowhere on the planet is there such a justification for accepted, indoctrinated and currently practiced violence towards others.

A Muslims view is that if you act a certain way, that is not life threatening towards them, that if you voice your opinion or draw a cartoon, that you are causing violence. Muslims are psychopaths who spread violence while blaming others. This is not hate mongering, simply read the Koran and look at what they do.

Mumbai Muslim Girls Terrorized by ‘Moral Police’

Morality police face charges after the torture and rape a young female student

Fifth Grader Honor Killing in Turkey: Boy Passed Her a Note in School

Girl buried alive in honor killing in Turkey


Check this out, here:

The Lawyers of Pakistan

From the article – “the Islamic Lawyers Forum asked the Lahore High Court on Wednesday to order the government to fully block Facebook” and “Lawyers outside the courtroom hailed the ruling, chanting “down with Facebook.”…”

Let’s remind ourselves what a wealthy and powerful Pakistani Muslim lawyer, one Chaudhry Muhammad Naeem, did not so long ago to a little twelve-year-old Christian maid, one Shazia Bashir, who was working in his household.

He denied her her wages – i.e. he treated her as a slave, not an employee.

He raped her.

And he murdered her.

And he has got off scot free.

And I didn’t hear of any ‘Islamic Lawyers Forum’ emitting even the teeniest-tiniest squeak of condemnation of that Lahore Muslim lawyer’s act of monstrous, sadistic, murderousness.

They will howl and squawk and rage on the streets to protest against non-Muslims drawing pictures of Mohammed ha-Meshugga; but they couldn’t give a damn about the murder of a little Christian maid, by one of their own. Probably because they didn’t see the rape and murder of a twelve-year-old Christian girl as being wrong, in the first place. She was there to be used, and abused, and trampled upon, and her life snuffed out like that of a stray cat; for thus the power and might and ‘superiority’ of that strutting, puffed-up bully, Islam, might be displayed to the max.

Here’s Pamela Gellers collection: Today is Draw Motoon Day

Moe prtoest

May 20th is Muhammad Day — Everybody Grab Your Crayons! – Atlas 

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  1. muslims obsessing over a false prophet, while rejecting the truth:

    “And then if any man says to you, See, here is Christ; or, See, there; have no faith in it: Because there will be false Christs and false prophets, and they will give signs and wonders in the hope of turning even the saints from the true way.” – Jesus Christ (Mark 13:21 & 22)

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