First, the good news….

Would it surprise you?

Osama bin Laden is ‘alive, well, and hunting falcons in Iran’, documentary claims

Bin Laden has been housed in a guarded compound north of Tehran with his wife, several children and grandchildren since 2003, protected by the Iranian regime, according to Feathered Cocaine, an Icelandic film about the illicit multi-million-dollar trade in falcons. Islamization Watch

Times Square Bomber: No One Knew Him, No One Ever Heard of Him….

Off the Radar: Faisal Shahzad Had No Ties to CT Muslim Community, Leaders Say

Thrown in today is the whole Islam = peace and love, nothing to do with terrorism.

UK: Galloway Out!

“The disrespect party has clearly suffered a huge defeat and that’s another major positive from yesterday,”

A Cry For Help From once great Britain

We’ve discussed it many, many times here at CBN News, but it bears repeating: Great Britain is losing its soul as a nation. Many would say it is already lost. I certainly was not encouraged by what I saw during my recent trip there, in which I interviewed wanted Islamic terrorists who areliving off welfare benefits from the state.

It was depressingly obvious that radical Islam is making massive inroads with the apparent indifference of much of the British government/More from Stakelbeck

AlQaeda Linked Al Shabaab: We Are Afraid Of Christians So We Kill Them

The intrepid mujahedin, saving Somalia from 57-year-old teachers. “Al Shabaab Militants Execute Christian Leader in Somalia,” from Compass Direct News/ Somali jihadists execute man “suspected of being a Christian”/JW

Mocking Jesus is Cool @ Comedy Central

It isn’t worth endangering the safety of an entire staff or network by pursuing a storyline that Muslim extremists might find offensive, media executives and writers tell  Islam Becomes Taboo Topic on TV in Wake of ‘South Park’ Threats and Times …/Fox News

Creeping Sharia: After being punked by a 20-year old momma’s-boy-turned-wanna-be-jihadi, the cowering dhimmi’s at Comedy Central show how useful idiots operate. Two Weeks After Censoring ‘South Park,’ Comedy Central Debuts Cartoon Jesus Show –

US: No Perv Left Behind

All we need is tolerance. Next is Beastiality then Pedophilia and then Necrophilia and finally full blown Islamophilia.

(The Hill) — Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership are pushing legislation, written by Rep. Barney Frank, that would made it illegal for employers to discriminate against transgendered people. Priorities… ZIP has more>>

How Labour drowned Britain in immigrants

There is something a little pitiful watching Gordon Brown tell the country how worried he is about immigration, and how it must not be a taboo issue… The only reason Brown is addressing the issue now is that we are six months away from an election and he fears that the troglodyte BNP thickoes will chew away great big gobfuls of angry working-class voters… Andrew Bolt/Rod Liddle

Hang ’em all: Britain wakes up to a hung Parliament

Islam in Europe

Denmark: Social Liberals guide immigrants on how to avoid Danish immigration laws

Move to Sweden, do family reunification and then move back to Denmark. That way your partner can get a permanent residence permit much easier than if you just live in Denmark and try to do family reunification via the strict Danish rules.

UK: Muslims in Parliament lack ‘principles’, says leading Conservative

Who would have thought? Coming from the odious “Baroness” Warsi:

UK: Muslims in Parliament lack ‘principles’, says leading Conservative

This is not the first time Warsi expresses criticism of Muslims:
* UK: Muslim peer says cultural issues can be criticized
* UK: Muslim peer warns of increase in polygamy
* UK: Muslim peer pelted with eggs

Though this does seem to be the first time that an article about her does not mention the fact that she’s Muslim herself.

‘Islam Rising’ Billboard to Go Up in the Midlands

Columbia, SC (WLTX) – A conservative Christian group has selected the Midlands as the place to launch a promotional campaign warning about the dangers of radical Islam. (“Radical Islam”- is there any other kind..?)

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  1. * Faisal Shahzad Had No Ties to CT Muslim Community, Leaders Say

    He was the son of a retired pak air vice-marshal, but noone ever heard of him … never introduced himself at a mosque, never mentioned daddy – nothing. I call BS.

  2. I’m sure the present American administration knows where Binladen is and I am also sure that he has their blessings. Poor, poor America and the dumb Americans who still think the sun shines out of their obummer man.

  3. The UK parties are all the same and whats more virtually indistinguishable from the corrupt DEM moonbat rabble and the useless Reps and RINO’s in the USA. You have an extreme left wing antisemitic, Islamophile, SOCIALIST REGIME running America now led by the LYING MOHAMMEDAN AGW SCAM SUPPORTING BOGUS POTUS and will soon catch and overtake Eurabia in the rush to SOCIALIST misery. Especially after you open your borders to Mohammedans and amnesty illegals as Obambi and the moonbats want. So dont get a feeling of moral superiority and complacency America.

    The UK and the rest of Eurabia long ago surrendered to the Politically Correct, Multi Culti, LBGT, ‘Yuman Rites’ obscenity spouting, ‘elf ‘n’ safety’ abomination, antisemitic, Islamophilic, AGW scam supporting left wing moonbats. Witness Thursday’s UK General Election where the poor populace was given the choice between extreme left wing Socialist NuLiebour and the virtually indistinguishable left wing moonbat Tories and has ended up with the smallest party of all and the most radical left wing moonbats the so called Liberal Democrats who LOST votes and LOST seats holding the balance of power and holding the country to ransom.

    Still the USA is not much different both the Dems and Reps are virtually indistinguishable and the Obamantion is driving you so fast down the road to left wing, Islamophilic, antisemitic, SOCIALIST oblivion aided and abetted by a lapdog compliant MSM a corrupt DEM party a useless Rep party and lots of RINO’s and a misinformed, uneducated, hysterical, blind electorate with a huge Black RACIST block supporting the MESSIAH no matter what, that you will soon overtake Europe in left wing SOCIALIST madness.

  4. And just like that the long post I tried to post before my ‘one liner ‘ complaint appears AFTER I posted the second post but BEFORE it on the list???????

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