"For it" was framed: "he made me…."

UPDATE: Jumanah Albahri, Miss Islamic Genocide, is now denying that she said what she said, and trying to cover her tracks. David Swindle over at NewsReal Blog isn’t buying.

Jumanah Imad Albahri:

That evil Jew Horowitz, that seasoned polemicist! He and his trick questions. I was tricked, I’m telling you!  This evil Jew was utilizing verbiage that completely departed from an academic tone and delved into hate speech—especially labeling groups and individuals that support Palestinian rights “terrorists.” Horowitz’s intent was to entrap me with his barrage of questions so that he could avoid answering my question, and construe any answer that I would provide as anti-Semitic, genocidal hate speech in order to further his political agenda.

But you can judge yourself, watch the video:

Muslim student who admitted support for Jewish genocide now says, “Death to Israel”

The Muslim student at the University of California at San Diego who affirmed her support for the genocide of the Jews has now commented on the controversy on an Internet bulletin board, saying, “Death to Israel”:

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In other news:

Even jihadists are not jihadists when they don’t wanna be: U.S. jihadis in Pakistani jail change their story, say they weren’t waging jihad after all

They went to help out orphans, doncha know. Yeah, sure, that’s it: orphans. War Is Deceit Alert: “5 Virginia men facing terrorism charges in Pakistan write of ‘noble’ motivation,” by Brigid Schulte for the Washington Post,via JW

2nd update:


In the featured article at FrontPage this morning, I discuss genocide-endorser Jumanah Imad Albahri’s non-retraction and non-apology:

Jumanah Imad Albahri, the Muslim student at the University of California at San Diego who last week endorsed a new genocide of Jews, has now issued a statement– and as is characteristic also of jihadist communiqués these days, it’s a masterpiece of disingenuousness and attempts to claim victim status. Read it all Spencer: Lies of a Truthful Girl

Lurker God
Jan 28, 2009
So earlier on Monday this week David Horowitz came out to speak at University of California San Diego for Israel Apartheid Week. The event was hosted by Young Americans for Freedom, which are your basic, Reagan fellating college republicans. Anyways, it was the usual imperialist, apologetic bullshit that Horowitz spits out in defense of the state of Israel. Later on though he took questions, and just today I found out that someone recorded mine and put it up on youtube:


I asked him about some statements he had made about how the MSA had financial connections to “jihadist terrorists”. Of course he couldn’t back his bullshit up, so he just squirmed around and accused me of being a terrorist, lol.

So I figure we could use this thread to discuss how pathetic David and others of his Ilk are for trying to defend one of most oppressive states in modern history. Also, good strategies on how to confront these cowards and show them for the worms they are. Death to Israel.


DH “Do you support Hamas?”

MG “Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?”

No, he was asking a straight question but as seems to be universal amongst Islamists living in the Dar el Harb, a straight answer always seems to evade them.

Here’s further evidence of her taqqiya.

UCSD Muslim Student Responds to David Horowitz Event
Posted on May 16, 2010 by fortruthforloveforjustice

To the General and Campus Communities:

As you are all well aware, I am the one who spoke at the David Horowitz event this past Monday May 10, 2010.

Allow me to begin by stating that I do NOT condone murder, I do NOT condone genocide, and I do NOT condone racism under any circumstance whatsoever against Jews or anyone else. These accusations are lies that I refuse to allow David Horowitz and his allies to perpetuate in their irresponsible and hateful smear campaign against those who disagree with or differ from them.

On April 19, 2010 I volunteered to speak at the Racism/Genocide Holocaust Event last April only because of my strong convictions against genocide like the Holocaust. I was there every step of the way during the protests denouncing racism on campus last quarter—from the very beginning to the very end. Never have I uttered a negative syllable towards or about any person because of their ethnicity or religion on campus or otherwise, Jewish or otherwise. Regardless of my participation in these events, for Mr. Horowitz to insinuate that I am anti-Semitic is ridiculous; I am a Semite.

I attended the event as an individual, not as a representative of any organization, least of all the MSA. My presence was solidly founded in my academic and personal quests to hear diverse viewpoints. Unfortunately, Mr. Horowitz is a seasoned polemicist whose intent is not to encourage academic discussion by expounding his arguments or even supporting his positions with hard facts, but to excite the passions of an audience. Mr. Horowitz spent an hour indiscriminately attacking liberals, students, Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians, utilizing verbiage that completely departed from an academic tone and delved into hate speech—especially labeling groups and individuals that support Palestinian rights “terrorists.”

Insofar as my references to Hitler and the Nazi Youth programs: it was Mr. Horowitz who spent a substantial amount of time referring to the MSA as the “Hitler Youth” and its Justice in Palestine Week as “Hitler Youth Week”— pejorative titles that as a human being, a student of history, and a person of faith, I find disgusting. I uttered them in a sarcastic manner only to point out the ridiculous and slanderous nature of Mr. Horowitz’s labels—Nazis sought the extermination of anyone who was not “white,” and this racial category excludes the vast majority of the Muslim population.

I asked Mr. Horowitz to explain the purported connection between UCSD’s MSA and “Jihadist Terrorist Networks.” His pamphlet did not mention the organization; rather it focused on other groups like UCI’s MSU and Berkley and LA’s MSA chapters, and offered supporting grounds that can be characterized as shaky at best, with sources that had little credibility. He chose not to engage my question (his opening arguments were the verbatim generalizations made in the pamphlet, though my question asked for specifics) but instead decided to subject me to an interrogation because of my headscarf and Palestinian kuffiyeh. The fact that Mr. Horowitz claimed on a respected national cable news network that the MSA receives forty thousand dollars to put on Justice in Palestine Week, speaks volumes to his status as a gross exaggerator who should not be trusted to deliver opinions on anything. The information can be found here on UCSD’s official website http://as.ucsd.edu/finance/sofr_view_program.php?id=710.

Towards the end of the exchange, I became emotional. I could no longer hear Mr. Horowitz speaking and so did not even hear his injection of Hezbollah’s credo of “rounding up” Jews in his last tangent. I could no longer contain my anger at being implicitly and improperly labeled a terrorist, an anti-Semite, and a proponent of genocide. The answer I was coerced into giving grossly misrepresented my beliefs and ideologies.

My answer, “for it,” in the context in which it was said does NOT mean “for” genocide. I was referring to his initial question that asked me for my position on Hamas, a topic that for his own political reasons he was relentless in pursuing. “For it” was not a legitimization of Hezbollah’s or anyone else’s credo for that matter that Jews should be exterminated. In fact, Mr. Horowitz’s intent was to entrap me with his barrage of questions so that he could avoid answering my question, and construe any answer that I would provide as anti-Semitic, genocidal hate speech in order to further his political agenda.

I am not a member of Hamas, nor have I ever given support to Hamas, nor do I agree their actions or stances wholesale, but I refused to offer Mr. Horowitz a blanket condemnation of Hamas that night. I felt that doing so would be a blanket condemnation of the Palestinian cause. I refused to throw the baby (the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people) out with the bathwater (Hamas.) In addition, Mr. Horowitz asked me to condemn Hamas as a genocidal organization; which to my limited knowledge on the subject, is another unsupported claim made by Mr. Horowitz.

My opinion of Hamas is not as simple as condemn or condone, “for it” or “against it.” I firmly believe that the killing of civilians, even as “collateral damage” regardless of creed, politics, sexuality, nationality, or ethnicity is one of the highest crimes in the eyes of God and is morally reprehensible and abhorrent. But I condone Hamas in its ambition to liberate the Palestinian people. I condone Hamas as the duly elected representative government of the Palestinian people granted governance in an election overseen by our ex-President Jimmy Carter; and characterized as fair, open, and fully democratic. I condone Hamas in its desire to end the inhumane siege of the Gazan people. I condone Hamas in its struggle to free the 10,000 Palestinian men, women, and children unjustly locked away in Israeli prisons. It seems that in Mr. Horowitz’s logic, my support of freedom, peace, and justice makes me a “terrorist.”

David Horowitz can try to erase my history, the history of my grandparents, the history of the Palestinian people, he can call me a terrorist, he can mischaracterize my faith as bloody, and my God as false, but I will NOT allow him to vilify me as a racist or a proponent of genocide and remain silent.

3 thoughts on “"For it" was framed: "he made me…."”

  1. Her letter is just ‘taqiyya dribble’. If she didn’t support genocide, murder and killing of non-Muslims then one doesn’t join the MSU that is asssociated with it (the Muslim Brotherhood) and that supports Hamas, a ‘religion’ that commands it and has its laws based on Jihad (o9) ‘…to war against non-Muslim…’, etc.

    She is just trying to cover her behind.

    And I would also bet she gives zakat and that is also required to be given to the violent Jihadists fighting and killing for Allah’s Cause, at least 1/8th of it and more. That same zakat that Bush put a halt to and Obama ok’d to keep flowing. I am sure it flowed before Obama officially let it go, but he just made it easier now. Obama – a Muslim who knows exactly what zakat is all about.

  2. If anyone reads that request to finance the terrorist organization – the MSU on campus – they will read that the reason for this organization is: “We want to address the humanitarian crisis going on in Palestine, bring awareness of the issues present over there, and help educate the campus community and UCSD students on how they can help.”

    The ones who create the difficulty there are the Muslims themselves. Anything else is just propaganda that is false.

  3. If anyone listens to the video again you can distinctly hear her, in her arrogant and defiant manner, utter “I was reading your literature, and, uh, found that much more interesting than the talk, and, um, found some interesting things about the MSA, which is an organization, uh, very active on campus and is hosting a, uh, our annuqal HITLER YOUTH WEEK? (PLUG) You should come out to those events (Broad satanic smile on her face). Um, if you could just clarify the connection between the MSA and jihad terroist networks? Because, last I checked, we had to do our own fundraising and, um, we never get help from anyone, so if you could just clarify the connection between Uof C’s MSA or if you don’t have such information, if you could connect other MSAs on UofC’s? Because the connection wasn’t too clear in the pamphlet. Just wondering if you could clarify?”

    Then David, answering her question about connection between MSAs and jihad terrorists answers her with a question…” Will you condemn Hamas here and now?” This question is not trying to throw her off and confuse her little “know-it-all” brain. It is merely a rhetorical question that is relevant to the subject of ‘her question’ which is” “what is the connection?”. Why was that so hard for her or anyone to understand?
    And she said, “I’m sorry what?” as if she didn’t hear it the first time.
    Then she answers with a basic truth that there is a connection between MSAs and Hamas with “Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?”
    There was no confusion. She knew exactly what she was stating. Her mind was clear and she was trying to place herself in a position above David Horowitz. This is typical arrogant Muslim behaviour…that they are above everyone else.
    Then David just wraps it by saying “So you won’t deny it”.
    He then answers her question; “The MSA is part of the Muslim Brotherhood Network”. There! He answered her question.
    Another of her truths “I am not sure you understood what I meant by that – that if I answered that question truthfully that I could be arrested by Homeland Security”. THER’S THE RUB! HER VERY ANSWER RIGHT THERE…”IF I ANSWER THAT QUETION I COULD BE ARRESTED FOR REASONS OF HOMELAND SECURITY”. In other words there is a connection between MSAs and Hamas and “I do support the genocide of the Jews”. Why else would they hold a HiTLER YOUTH WEEK if they didn’t support the “FINAL JEWISH SOLUTION”?
    “If you don’t condemn Hamas then obviously you condone it – case closed”.
    This girl is an itiot! Do we really have students this stupid in Universities? God, what has happened to the education system?
    It’s gone to the Muslims, that’s what. And what was once a great edifice of learning has now been degraded to a breeding ground for Hamas terrorists. Seig Heil to HELL, Jumanah Albahri, you Muslim-pig ass-hat !

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