France: Polygamist sued by Muslims for defaming Islam

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A Muslim association in Meaux filed a complaint against Lies Hebbadj, the husband of the Nantes woman fined for driving while wearing the full veil, who defended himself by saying that having a mistress was ‘not prohibited in France, nor in Islam‘.

“We were shocked that this man would say that in Islam you can have mistresses. That’s completely wrong. To listen to him, our religion is immoral,” said Rachida Benamed, who represents the Association of Muslims in Meaux and the region, according to a report in Le Parisien.

Benamed lodged a complaint on behalf of the association by the Meaux police for ‘defamation’. “When we saw that nobody reacted, we decided to do something and so file the complaint,” she explained. “This man needs to be convicted for his defamatory statements, we need to put a stop to this type of behavior, he must take responsibility for his actions,” insisted Benamed, whose association represents 60 members.

“This man is dragging our religion through the mud. Islam does not allow having mistresses at all, adultery is a sin in Islam. Polygamy is not forbidden, but it is linked to strict regulations. If he calls his wives mistresses in public, than he repudiates them in the eyes of the Muslim community.”

“As far as I know, mistresses are not prohibited in France, nor in Islam. Maybe by Christianity, but not in France,” the 35 year old said Monday, wearing a beard, keffieh, white cap and black djellaba.

Hebbadj is meanwhile facing accusations of domestic abuse. The father of Anne, the woman who was arrested wearing a niqab, turned to the police accusing Hebbadj of preventing him from seeing his daughter and grandchildren. One of Hebbadj’s former spouses, Nina Gomez, who now lives in Dubai, meanwhile started a blog titled ‘My Sisters’, to warn people of her ex. She says Hebbadj is a violent fraud who abuses religion for his own purposes. She says she was physically and mentally abused and was finally ‘sold’ by Hebbadj to another man.

3 thoughts on “France: Polygamist sued by Muslims for defaming Islam”

  1. Why give these morons any space in a newspaper or any media. It just plays to their fetishes. I am sure polygamy (although I don’t agree with it) is not based on the degradation of women, nor the cruel acts against their female family members. It is the religion of fear. It has not place in any modern society. It is a boys club, made by boys for boys.

  2. …, our religion is immoral,” said Rachida Benamed

    Only in this part do I agree with them. Their religion is completely immoral. Made up by a Desert Bandit/Warlord, pedophile rapist, practitioner of necrophilia, and general all around waste of skin, and piece of excrement called Mohammed.

  3. Indeed, had he called them his slaves, or “what his right hand possesses”, then he would might have been right with the Association of Muslims in Meaux. Islam doesn’t have any problem with you (men only!) having sex with someone you have enslaved, as your just reward, but apparently Allah forbids you have an extra-marital affair with the same woman.
    I think their argument is taqiyya, or “lying to promote the furtherance of islam”, so the local French remain oblivious to what they really believe and how that is at odds with Western Civilisation.

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