Halal Desires, Explosive Needs

Jawa Porky: Let him eat what everyone else does.

Failed Times Square VBIED Perp Wants Halal Meals

Luckily, Shahzad failed in his attempt to murder numerous people for the sake of Allah. Had he succeeded, those people would never eat again. Screw the halal meals.

There were people moving money for Shahzad, and he had connections to the Pakistani Taliban. Now none of his jihadi patrons can shoot him a few bucks for a decent lawyer now? Of course not: that would implicate them, and in any case it’s better to make the kuffar pay for it all.


Times Square jihadist claims he’s indigent

Gee, we all know that poverty causes terrorism and that he couldn’t cope with  foreclosure, the poor bastard. But WoJ readers know that  Shahzad came from a wealthy family and was the son of a former high ranking air-force officer … You really believe he doesn’t have money for a trial lawyer? Read more from Fitzgerald below…….

More on this story. “First Look: Faisal Shahzad Mugshot,” by Aaron Katersky for ABC News, May 19/via Jihad Watch:

Faisal Shahzad

Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad, who made his first court appearance Tuesday, is seen here in a mug shot provided by the U.S. Marshals.A federal judge assigned a public defender to Shahzad, who faces five terror-related counts in connection with the attempted car bombing of midtown Manhattan on May 1.

Shahzad appeared in a Manhattan federal courtroom Tuesday afternoon to hear the charges against him and to be assigned a public defender in an arraignment that lasted less than 10 minutes….

Shahzad uttered a faint “yes” when the judge asked if his affidavit of financial insufficiency was correct, meaning that Shahzad could not afford private counsel. Judge Francis then appointed public defender Julia Gatto to represent him. Shahzad’s only request of the judge was that he be provided with halal meals – food that follows Islamic dietary restrictions….

Of course. We should make every accommodation for this would-be mass murderer. As Marisol put it earlier: “That is: ‘Please go to extra trouble on the taxpayer dime to respectfully accommodate the belief system under whose orders (cf. Qur’an 9:5, for starters) my client tried to commit mass murder.'”

Fitzgerald comments:

Money — Infidel money — and Muslims — it’s quite a theme.

It happens internationally, between states: Muslims in Dar al-Islam, where all those who forgot to be born with the Muslim equivalent of a silver spoon (that is, oil and gas reserves) in their mouths, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, the soi-disant “Palestinian territories” more accurately described, for those who know their ancient and modern history, as “Arab-occupied Gaza” and “Arab-occupied Judea and Samaria”).

It happens domestically: all over the imperilled and economically-dicey countries of Western Europe, where spending on the generous welfare benefits has been thrown fantastically out of whack by the Muslim population, with mothers who ordinarily do not work, but breed a dozen children apiece, and fathers who cannot compete because they are not only largely uneducated, but reveal a hostility to the circumambient Infidels that makes it difficult to integrate them harmoniously into a workforce, and who, furthermore, have been inculcated with ideas — the hatred of bid’a or innovation — and attitudes, such as inshallah-fatalism, that make them unlikely to be models either of industry or of entrepreneurial flair.

But they take and take and take, every advantage, and once they have helped themselves to the free Western-level education (only stopping to prevent discussion in Western schoolrooms of anything – the history of Christianity, say, or of the Holocaust — that displeasees them, and Islam itself must in history classes be exempt from criticism and be the focus of reverent attention), Western-level medical care (though Muslim husbands will not allow their wives to be seen alone by Western doctors, and often demand to be present not only to serve as the go-between, but also insist on female medical personnel, and otherwise interfere with the practice of medicine as it has normally been conducted), and free or greatly subsidized housing, in which non-Muslims are terrorized by Muslim gangs. And in addition to all the benefits obtained by those intent on squeezing the system, there are rates of Muslim criminality five to ten times higher that for non-Muslims in the same country — and why not, for Muslims are encouraged to take from the infidels what, under Shari’a, would be theirs by right. Why should they be respectful of what Infidels think of as their property, or their women, when they should be paying the Jizyah, and when their women dress and act in such a fashion, Muslim men reason, as to deserve what they get?

And to the trillions that have been transferred to the Muislim oil-states, if we add the trillions spent in the colossal follies of Iraq and Afghanistan-Pakistan, and the hundreds of billions spent to shore up Egypt, Jordan, the “Palestinians,” etc., and the hundreds of billiions that are transferred from Infidel taxpayers to Muslim recipients in the crazily-generous countries of Western Europe, if we also add the billions upon bililons that now are spent on securing our airports and airlanes, our trains and train stations, our busses and bus stations, our government buildings, our monuments, our churches and synagogues, our Jewish and Christian schools, and all the other possible targets of Muslim attack that have been identified in North America, Western Europe, and Australia, if you add the billions spent not only to pay for that security, for those machines and those men and women, and to that add the police work, the FBI, the CIA, the monitoring of phone and computer messages, the round-the-clock monitoring of thousands upon thousands of those identified as security risks but for some reason never expelled but allowed to remain, remain subject to constant monitoring, and if we add the cost of the judges, and the court-appointed lawyers, and the guards and the prisons that are necessary (how many hundreds of millions of dollars, do you think, have the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay cost us, for example?), then we are, in our crazed attempt to treat Muslims with kid gloves within our countries, and to buy their hearts and minds in the countries of Dar al-Islam, using up vast sums that we need, need at home, need in the countries of the E.U., need in the United States, need in Canada, for so many things.

Yet here we are. And here is Faisal Shahzad, by all acounts the son of a bigshot military man, very well-off, in Pakistan, who claims that he is indigent, and presumably his family, and all those hundreds of millions of Pakistanis rooting for him just as they have been rooting for, and indignant about the treatment of, Aafia Siddiqui, cannot pay for his defense.

No. I must pay for it. And you must pay for it.