13 thoughts on “Hussein Obama Skips Arlington to Spend Memorial Day with Louis Farrakhan amidst Nation of Islam Thugs”

  1. “Hussein Obama Skips Arlington to Spend Memorial Day with Louis Farrakhan amidst Nation of Islam Thugs
    by sheikyermami on May 30, 2010
    America is in trouble.

    Indeed. America is in deep doodoo…..”

    Americans had to be in deep trouble to fall for this cuckoo in the first place!
    He is their wake-up call!

  2. I sat next to a white American Obambi loving moonbat in the Bar on Saturday night. The cognitive dissonance and downright gullible naivety of this man was amazing everything about Obambi was wonderful and all the stories about him lies or else dismissed with ‘Everybody Politician does that so what ‘.
    When I pointed out that Barry Soetero promised ‘open and transparent Government ‘ there was no answer of course. When I also pointed out the Barry was born and brought up as a Muslim his response was ‘so what have you got a problem if he is a Muslim’ . I replied ‘no I have got a problem that he is a LIAR’ to which of course he had no answer.

    BTW this bozo also INSISTED that Obama is NOT hiding anything and that all his Documentation is freely available. So I sent him the list and asked him to point me to the websites where all this FREELY AVAILABLE information was.
    Needless to say I am still waiting but not holding my breath.
    But what was really scary was that this guy was mature, seemed well educated , intelligent and well traveled and well to do yet had STILL swallowed all the OBAMBI guff ‘ hook line and sinker’ .

    1. Welcome to the club!

      I lost many friendships over this. One that particularly hurts is with a very bright Maltese (!) doctor and his moonbat Canadian wife/girlfriend who is on a Bill Gates scholarship. Both are big Bush haters and think Obambi is just wonderful.

      Another one a HK exec who makes millions annually and hates Americans. When he said ‘America had it coming on 9/11’ I was done with him.

      There is no cure for this…..

  3. Sheik,

    I am in agreement with you.
    I have lost very close friendships because of my position on Obama and Islam, particularly the Palestinians situatuion.
    They insisted I quit emailing them and that my views on Obama are totally wrong. They believe Obama is the best thing that could happen to America and the world and that he will bring peace.

    I quit writing them.
    I cannot discuss Islam or Obama in public with anyone at my wife’s insistence. She doesn’t want to lose friends or relatives who are blinded by this outrageous President.

    I believe we are all doomed.
    President Obama will get in for a second term due to these moonbats that want to run (ruin) the planet and society.

  4. Pamela’s article claimed that the Obamas were having a bar-b-que.
    The article doesn’t indicate that Obama was visiting with Farrakhan.
    There was an indication that he may be by the prsence of secret servicemen, “Fruits of Islam, and Presidential Press Corp. members but the President was not seen.

    Perhaps there is a tunnel dug, linking Obama’s house with Farrakhan’s house.
    That would be a truly significant discovery wouldn’t it? LOL

  5. Funny, I was just talking about losing friends over Obama a minute ago. I think that it is a good thing to give anyone the heave-ho that still is an Obamaphile. These people are going to get our children killed with their policies so I have no problem feeding them to the sharks. But, I believe that speaking out at all times is the only way we can change things! It’s time to cut ties with the enemy, with those that you know will ruin your children and grandchildren’s lives. They have to see that they are not immune from repercussions from bad decisions. They must know the seriousness of the situation they put us all in.

    Al Kidya, next time your wife asks you not mention Obama, ask her if she would also avoid talking about Sharon Tate in order to stay friends with Charles Manson. Ask her what her answer will be when her grandchildren want to know how it happened that America is no longer the beacon of freedom to the world and went under Sharia Law!

  6. How come all the other 43 Presidents who screwed America over get’s a pass? Obama is trying to clean up what your past Presidents created. 43 Presidents have screwed all of you, and Obama now is the problem? He that is without sin let him cast the first stone!!! All of you put your damn stone down or hit yourself with it!!!!!!!!

  7. you guys all of you are complete and total idiots! and you had the nerve to say i am dumb, haven’t you morons learned anything from the last 2 terms and that election of 2004? well have ya? apparently not i lied and im still lying and it ain’t nothing ya’lls can do about it! speaking of “still” i steal cheat and murder haha suckers! obama is a puppet you’ll never guess who is the puppeter and i can assure you it isn’t Farrakhuan. Why does Obama get all this fame he didn’t do anything nearly as bad as i did and he gets all the attention. i’m appauled i should’ve had an african daddy.

  8. DavidDowen,
    The problem is that Obama is trying to run the train of the lines, and he is not being very subtle about it. No other President did that. You want to keep quite – your call – others might want to save their country.

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