Hussein Obama spills the beans at West Point

Is there anything more disgraceful than this turd?

There is a video from President Obama’s Commencement Speech at West Point today, where he used humor to remind everyone his “power is absolute” over the military.

His “Power is Absolute” over Military – Video /freedomslighthouse

Obama: I am fully committed to “the Mexican people” — as I trash Arizonians

Is the Obama bastard the president of Mexico now? Obama supports the Mexican people — while opposing the people of Arizona! As Limbaugh would say, “What country does this guy think he’s the president of?”…

Is Bill O’Reilly still wondering whether the Marxist Muslim  could be a Socialist?

Obama Talks of New ‘International Order’ at West Point

(ZIP-Breitbart)- “So we have to shape an international order that can meet the challenges of our generation. We will be steadfast in strengthening those old alliances that have served us so well, including those who will serve by your side in Afghanistan and around the globe. As influence extends to more countries and capitals, we also have to build new partnerships, and shape stronger international standards and institutions. The international order we seek will combat climate change, help countries feed themselves and heal their sick”…

(Commie code for redistribution of wealth from 1st world nations to Islamic hell holes…)

Video here>>>