Briton jailed for kiss in Dubai condemns Emirate’s ‘hypocrisy’

The British estate agent jailed for “a peck on the cheek” in Dubai has condemned the “hypocrisy” of the Emirate’s strict decency laws as she told how she was locked up with murderers and prostitutes in an isolated desert prison. Telegraph UK

Why are Liberals so quick to excuse Islamic terrorism.

eye on the world

This past weekend I happened to come this article (On the bBC website) about how a bunch of wannbe terrorists in the UK who were jailed earlier on this year (but released almost straight away for time served) for practising with weapons in the Uk under the banner of “The Blackburn Resistance”

It seems that according to the liberals at the BBC these men are victims and that all they were doing was actually re-enacting their favourite TV shows such as the ‘A-team’. If that is so why is it that when the Police had a butchers at these so called victims computers they found beheading videos on the Hard-drives. The last I looked the A team didn’t lob off anybody’s head. But according to the liberal media these idiots are victims. Which is how this buffoon see’s Faisal Shahzad,(Times Square bomber) who instead of being a failed terrorist he promotes him as a dumb bomber so thus unable to tagged as a terrorist.

Why are all terrorists deemed to be stupid by the liberal classes so unable to be found guilty of their crimes and thus worthy of our pity. The sole aim of these people is to promote their agenda of global dominance for Islam and it doesn’t matter if the thug who is terrorising you is a kinder garden drop out or somebody who excelled at Harvard. The fact remains that blind allegiance to Islam ensures that they consign common sense and decency to the back when it comes killing somebody for Allah. Stupid..maybe Innocent..Never in a month of Sundays.