Israel, Falafel Jihad, Missing Goats & Rocket 'Backlash'

The UN is energetically mediating the Crisis of the Goats between Israel and Lebanon. The minor “issue of the 50,000 rockets” is being ignored for a while, though.

IAEA: high  on the agenda is ‘Israel’s nuclear capabilities.’ At a time when the World ought to be paying attention to Iran, it is being distracted with focusing on Israel’s supposed nuclear capabilities.

A DAY after firing a 10-tonne hummus broadside in a food fight with Israel, chefs in Lebanon weighed in with another first for a Guinness record yesterday – five tonnes of falafel.

More than 300 chefs mixed a ton of chickpeas with an equal portion of broad beans, adding onions, garlic, coriander, onion, pepper and cumin to concoct 5173 kilos of falafel, a deep-fried patty popular in Lebanon and many parts of the Middle East. The Australian has more>>

Suleiman without balls:

Unwilling to risk his own life or to risk a civil war in his country, Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said on Saturday that Lebanoncannot and must not tell Hezbullah to disarm, despite Lebanon’s having signed onto UN Security Council Resolution 1701 at the end of the Second Lebanon War which committed it to do just that.  link to Carl

In Response to Rocket Fire, IAF Targets Terrorist Sites in Southern Gaza  Strip

The Israel Air Force struck two terrorist sites in the southern Gaza Strip  overnight.

The attack is in response to the rocket that hit Israeli territory on

Saturday night, landing in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

Approximately 50 rockets have landed in Israeli territory since the

beginning of 2010, and over 330 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip into

Israel since the end of operation Cast Lead. .

The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm the citizens of the State of

Israel and will continue to operate against those who use terror. The IDF

holds Hamas as solely responsible for maintaining peace and quiet in the

Gaza Strip.

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  1. I feel terrible about the plight of the Lebanese…….. unfortunately, their cowardice when faced by the Muslim invaders has sealed their fate.

    My son is serving in the North, and I pray for his safety and that of our people………. the Lebanese cowards deserve no consideration next time around.

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