Israel Must Not Be Allowed To Defend Itself

That’s why the Obama-bastard just  backed a resolution to disarm Israel

Betrayal of an ally. “Israel recoils as US backs nuclear move,” from Reuters

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Close-Up Footage of Mavi Marmara Passengers Attacking IDF Soldiers

Anything to Destroy the Jewish State:

Jihad flotilla outrage: 5,000 anti-Israel protesters in Istanbul decry Israel’s self-defense

Throwing bottles at the Israeli consulate in a protest that appears to be as orchestrated as the jihad flotilla itself. Do these protesters even know that the jihad flotilla participants were chanting an Arabic rhyme celebrating Muhammad’s massacre of the Jews at Khaybar? The whole thing was a set-up. Jihad Flotilla Update: “Mideast: Flotilla, 5,000 Anti-Israel Protestors In Istanbul,” from ANSAmed, May 31

Saber rattling in Turkey:

‘War ships could have accompanied flotilla’

From Fetullah Gulen Newspaper “Today’s Zaman”

AP: Israel’s self-defense against jihad flotilla “tarnishes its image,” notes with skepticism that jihad flotilla attacked first

Pali jihad propaganda — as we have come to expect from AP. Nothing here, of course, about how jihad flotilla participants were celebrating a massacre of Jews by Islam’s prophet Muhammad. “Israeli commandos storm aid flotilla; 9 killed,” by Amy Teibel and Tia Goldenberg for AP

Gaza jihad flotilla participants chanted Islamic battle cry invoking Muhammad’s massacre of Jews

Pic from ZIP

Syria and Lebanon move in for the kill, “invite the international community to take measures as soon as possible to end Israel’s crimes, which could lead to war in the Middle East”

A incident provoked by genocide-minded jihadists gains traction among those anxious to demonize Israel and see those jihadists as victims. “Mideast: Flotilla; Israel’s Crimes Could Lead To War, Syria,” from ANSAmed, May 3

U.S. backs resolution to disarm Israel

Betrayal of an ally. “Israel recoils as US backs nuclear move,” from Reuters

Geller: The Jihad Flotilla and the Media War Against Israel

“In the information battlespace, the jihadis can count on the complicity of the subdued, Islamophiliac press. They can physically attack Israeli troops and count on the corrupt media to package any act of Israeli self-defense as an aggression. Then this repackaging will lead to international condemnation, United Nations Security Council resolutions, and further delegitimization of Israel.”


“The Jihad Flotilla and the Media War Against Israel,” by Pamela Geller for Big Journalism,

2 thoughts on “Israel Must Not Be Allowed To Defend Itself”

  1. Sir,

    For Liberty’s Sake! (1)

    This letter will explain why I, as a Canadian, have great concerns about the U.S.’s political future. I’ve chosen your paper because a great uncle of mine, was Night Editor for 30 years in a Manchester newspaper which included the period during the Second World War.

    I personally have been active as a Guardian of Democracy Nationally and Internationally, for over 40 years.

    As a outcome of this email, I would like to place in your hands a Clarion Call for Liberty in the U.S and all Democracies World Wide.

    For the U.S. and World Democracies, we must plan the impeachment of President Barack Obama due to his violation of the Presidential Oath of Office to defend the U.S. against its enemies and for his actions in working against the best interests of the country. His fixation to a hybrid Communist/Muslim ideal plus the appointment of 37 Communist Czars contravenes the constitutional processes within American government. These Czars are now in the position of activating process, bypassing the elected House of Representatives and Senate, and are direct attacks serving to undermine the American democracy and Constitution.

    Obama’s activities and decisions internationally has placed many American allies in grave danger including the newly formed democracies such as Latvia by withdrawing missile defence in Europe and his actions against Israel.

    His recent abominable behaviour toward the Prime Minister of Israel gives a clear signal of his anti-Jewish bias. No other international leader has been made to wait in the White House for 1 ½ hours while the President left the meeting to dine on his own.

    Obama is a Chameleon at different times being a Muslim (as a youth), a Christian (as an adult) and never producing his American birth certificate. For his enrolment into Harvard, he was supported by an American who was linked to the Black Panthers and was a known agent for two Saudi billionaires. Why would the Saudis support Obama? As a Muslim Apostate for converting to Christianity this is unusual. Mohammed directed that apostates are to be killed. Is Obama really a devout Christian and American citizen or a fifth columnist for Allah?

    The present policy of uncontrolled currency creation without backing under his leadership will inevitably cause a major inflation crisis and much violent turmoil, in the U.S. and World Wide. He has been both a follower of and teacher of Saul Alinsky’s methods who directed citizens to destroy governments from within. Obama appears to be on the plan to destroy democracies (both within the U.S. and externally). He actions are more in line with Communism and other totalitarian regimes such as Islam and Fascism. Politically, he is more aligned to dictatorships than democracies.

    The forthcoming economic crisis (both as a result of unethical business practices and the unfettered bailouts of Corporate America, bankrupt countries such as Greece and ad hoc currency production with no backing) and the inevitable turmoil will allow his hybrid ideology of Communist/Islam to potentially stop the 2012 elections, by using the precedence established during the Second World War. There is no doubt that as the economic crisis’ continues and democracies are eroded, violence will be a natural outcome.

    In the near future, the 37 appointed Czars will be used to override the Senate and House of Representatives power on future National decisions. This is the Death Stroke of democracy in the U.S. Remember that once Communists/Islamists take control, they do not relinquish power until it is seized from them usually through war.



    Lorenzo Bouchard

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