"Itbach ya Yahood!"

Winds of Jihad readers know that “Itbach ya Yahood!” is merely “classical Arabic” which is often misunderstood and should not be used to victimize Muslims who follow their religious obligation to  kill Jews…

Gaza flotilla participants created war atmosphere before confronting Israel

Participants chanted Islamic battle cry invoking killing of Jews and called for Martyrdom

Thanks to the Tundra Tabloids


Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu:

They were mobbed, they were clubbed, they were beaten, stabbed. ... Our soldiers had to defend themselves, defend their lives, or they would have been killed.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moonbat said on Monday that he condemned the Israeli attack on the aid flotilla heading for Gaza

And so it begins ………….. Jews Being Hunted Down in Europe Over the Jihad Warship [Flotilla] Offensive

It was planned this way all along. Astute blogger is reporting/via Atlas:


It is being reported that in their bloodthirsty search for vengeance after the interception of the “aid flotilla” to Hamastan, any jew is fair game in the predominantly Islamic neighborhoods of Copenhagen. Observant jews are advised to keep a low profile and not go in public with a traditional headcovering. The situation is getting dangerous

Turkish Lawmaker Assaults Israeli Cyclist…


That’s a (sharia) “lawmaker” by the looks of it. No outcry over the collective guilt principle that Mohammedans apply whenever their feelings are hurt.

Özer unfurled a Palestinian flag and tried to punch the cyclist in an apparent protest of Israel’s military assault on a convoy of six humanitarian aid ships traveling to Gaza. More>>

Turkey Attacks Israel

Does The Ottoman Empire Want to Lead the Caliphate? (Phyllis Chesler)

IDF: Soldiers were met by well-planned lynch, concealed handguns.

Armed Navy ships escorted boats from the Gaza protest flotilla to Ashdod on Monday afternoon, hours after IDF soldiers and activists clashed in a fatal raid.

International activists aboard the ships opened fire on IDF soldiers who boarded the ships to prevent them from breaking the Israeli-imposed sea blockade, the IDF said Monday. J’Post

Carl in J’lem:

Video: ‘Beating the hell out of Israeli commandos’

Those Poor Palestinians?

Go behind the propaganda and ask yourself whether these people really look like they need an aid flotilla. (ROP/undhimmi)

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  1. Funny – the muslim s___s plan violence by surprise and then are effectively stopped – happened in Thailand, happened here, and will happen again.

  2. Supporters of Hamastan are trying the same agitprop and disinformation that the Muslims and Croats used against the Serbs, the same demonization. Hang tough, Israel.

  3. People are now starting to consider that idea that the “only good muslim is a dead one” as something that might be rather closer to the truth than wished for. So if I was a brain dead muslim git, I would be very careful about attacking Jewish people on OUR home turf.

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