Jew attacked with knife, iron rod in France

Beautiful Strassbourg! A medieval town  near the great vinyards of Alsace Lorraine. It (still) has a synagogue and a small orthodox Jewish community. Unfortunately, it also has  large numbers of North African cultural missionaries with  religious obsessions. For some reason, they seem to hate cars, because every New Years eve they carbeque about a thousand cars. Another one of those obsessive ideas is that they believe killing Jews reserves them a place in a heavenly brothel with perpetual virgins.

Orthodox Jews, file photo

Anti-Semitic incident in Strasbourg: Man wearing skullcap assaulted by two men in djellabas.

Victim hospitalized with serious injuries after being hit in back, stabbed in chest; assailants arrested

A Jewish French citizen was seriously hurt Friday after being assaulted with an iron rod and a knife in the center of Strasbourg.

The DPA news agency reported that the man, 42, was attacked by two men wearing djellabas, robes traditionally worn in North Africa.
Eyewitnesses reported that the Jew, who was wearing a traditional skullcap, was hit in the back with the iron rod by one of the men, while the other stabbed him in the chest. The two assailants were arrested, and one of them was said to be mentally ill.

Hmm, what kind of mental illness would that be?

A representative of the umbrella association for Jewish organizations in the French Alsace region, Pierre Levy, called the incident a “serious anti-Semitic act.”

The leader of the Muslim community in Strasbourg referred to the incident as a “barbaric act”. He said it was in intolerable incident aimed at creating tension between Jews and Muslims.

About two weeks ago, the central synagogue in the French town of Mulhouse was burnt down, and the local Jewish community suspected it was an act of arson ahead of the Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The building caught fire during Shabbat prayers and sustained heavy damages. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

Local Jewish sources said they fear the fire was deliberate, after the synagogue was already defaced earlier this year with anti-Semitic graffiti slogans.

Threats, incitement against Jews
The year 2009 saw a sharp rise in the number of anti-Semitic incidents in France, and particularly in threats and incitement against Jews. Figures compiled by the French Interior Ministry show a sharp rise in the number of threats against Jews in 2009, with 360 anti-Semitic graffiti sprayed across the country, 69 threatening leaflets and letters published against Jews, and 229 cases of verbal violence against Jews.

In total, there were 658 incidents of expressions of anti-Semitism which did not involve physical violence. In 2008 there were 324 incidents, while 2007 recorded 115 such incidents.

Last year also saw a rise in the number of cases of anti-Semitic physical violence, although this increase was smaller. The year 2009 saw 89 cases of assault, but no murders. In addition, there were 15 cases of arson due to anti-Semitism and 78 cases of damaged property – a total of 174 cases. In 2008 there were 150 such cases, and in 2007 – 146.

A summation of the figures reveals a worrisome picture, with 832 anti-Semitic incidents which took place over the past year, according to the French Interior Ministry. In 2008 there were 474 incidents, and 261 were recorded in 2007.

Battle_of_Tours/| May 11, 2010

Today, while so many American urban centers have undergone renewal and gentrification, Europe has seen the dramatic growth of these horrific suburb-slums ‘Battle of Tours’ is referring to that now ring most of their cities. While the no-go areas are the islands of today, tomorrow, they will comprise most of the country…

Like the French banlieues riddled with anti-French unrest and crime, now still confined to city suburban areas, these Moslem enclaves will inevitably spread to the rest of the countryside, as you say, to ultimately engulf most of France, and Europe. There can be no ‘gentrification’ of such a large area, unlike the contained city centers which often offer social and architectural attractions, the ugly suburbs will simply spill out their filth into the surrounding country. Nobody ever predicted this when they were building the high rise buildings of the banlieues, which back then were seen as a modernist solution to growing post WWII French population. But they are not kept neat and pretty like other parts of the country, having been populated by incoming, largely Islamic, third world immigrants who care nothing for their adopted estates. This pattern repeats in other countries around Europe, with similar patterns of ‘unrest’ and criminal activities in contempt of the laws of their adopted countries. This is a grievous state of affairs for Europe. How can they reverse this deplorable state of affairs without reversing the trend of Islamic immigration? Probably nothing can save them short of not only reversing immigration from hostile lands, but actually enforcing deportations back to Dar al-Islam en mass. Big question for the 21st century: Can it be done?

6 thoughts on “Jew attacked with knife, iron rod in France”

  1. * Hmm, what kind of mental illness would that be?

    And why are so many people suffering with that mental illness at large on the streets?

  2. Yes, the illness seems prevalent amongst north african and non-jewish mid-eastern cultural “misionaries”.

  3. I used to stay in Strasbourg. Its a place where women could freely cycle at 2am anywhere across town.

    What has happened ?

  4. tjwork,

    What has happened, you ask. Islam has happened. It’s that simple.

    Arguably, anyone who follows Islam is mentally ill, as it is an ideology founded by a psychopath who just wanted to kill people who didn’t follow his bizarre ideas.

    But you could also argue that anyone who followed Nazism was mentally ill.

    Still, it is no excuse, and these people should (but won’t) face the most severe punishment commensurate with their crimes.

  5. In Malmo Sweden, the police & mayor “help” by telling the Jews not to wear ANY religious identification.

    Like rape victims, Jews are responsible for the assaults made on them.

    This is horrible. I’ve been told by someone who does this regularly that anytime we see one of these, a letter to the head dude — mayor, whatever — has an effect. He claims it lets them know that what is going on is being observed by people across the world and they rein people in.

    This man even had copies of emails and letters he’d gotten in response. Very defensive, but he had their attention nonetheless.

    Won’t be long, though, before Malmo is Juderein. I’m guessing maybe a year or less. Sweden will still have some remaining Jews, but they won’t be in Malmo. And Malmo will continue on its path into an Islamic black hole, one that their local government created.

    May they enjoy their own special hell on earth.

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