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Canada Throws Money at Imported Disease

“We are trying to treat a disease that we don’t even know what it is….”

Alberta will spend $1.9 million on a series of programs designed to proactively cut down on (Somali) crime in Edmonton, while reaching out to a community that has lost far too many of its young to violence. Calgary CTV has more/   Somali community a killer of youth

Somalia: The World’s Worst Hellhole

The worst country in the world happens to be Muslim? Simply shocking. (Free Internet Press)

Australia: Police finally notice the ethnic gangs now running riot

The new Chief Commissioner even confirmed he had a don’t mention-the-race policy:

But let Chief Commissioner Simon Overland justify this bizarre policy. Asked on 3AW this week if he’d tell the public a wanted man was “black”, he waffled: “No, not necessarily. Nor would we say ‘white’.”

Police even tried the dog-ate-my-homework excuse: Andrew Bolt has more

Is Rahm Emanuel an American Kapo?

Back in World War II a kapo was a prisoner who worked inside German Nazi concentration camps in certain lower administrative positions. The official Nazi word was Funktionshäftling, or “prisoner functionary”, but the Nazis commonly referred to them as kapos.

The kapos were, of course, hated by the Jewish prisoners. They assisted the Nazis with their evil.

Today the American Spectator Blog explained how liberal Jews like Emanuel are enabling the Second Holocaust. Read more: American Kapo/Gateway Pundit

Israelis Threaten to “Blow Up” Bar Mitzvah For Rahm Emanuel’s Son

Update: Rahm Emanuel’s son Zach was going to miss having his Bar Mitzva at the Kotel (Western Wall). The JPost all but confirmed that report on Tuesday

Looking for “Moderate” Hezbollah Terrorists

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration is looking for ways to build up “moderate elements” within the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla movement and to diminish the influence of hard-liners, a topWhite House official said on Tuesday.

Obambi advisor John Brennan calls Jerusalem “Al-Quds,” its Arabic name.  These people are crazy and dangerous.
Via Special Report/Gateway

Chicks with Sticks

France: Muslim Women Upset Over Legislation in France That Forces Them to Show Their Face

Veiled Muslim women are upset with the French Government over legislation that forces them to show their face in public.   The AP reported>>>  Update: Total burqa ban presented to French cabinet

New Miss USA: What Do Hezbollah Supporters Look Like ~ Miami Herald Thinks It Knows!!

In response to the Miami Herald article Fundamentalist in a Bikini!!

Schlussel is right, after all!

Islamization Watch

Islamo-Christians supporting Hezbollah?

Speaking of Muslim women winning beauty pageants – Miss Aceh won the Miss Indonesia competition in 2009. Aceh Province, is famous for introducing stoning laws for adultery, flogging for an assortment of Islamic crimes, like gaming and what not and January 1 of this year forced women into headscarves and long dresses – or face fine and arrest.