Kidnapped, Brainwashed, Indoctrinated….

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Notice they say they will go to hell if they don’t wear the burqa. That is the Arab influence. One of the aims of the Arab mosque funding is to convince the girls that they will suffer God’s wrath if for example they don’t wear the, black Arabian clothes and further the burqa. Like they say it was a gradual process. You are hearing this more and more. First they get them out of their regional Islamic clothes, if they were not converts, into the black headscarf and gown, then the girls talk about a gradual process into the burqa. So that they are not only Muslim, they are Arabized. It is a process of Arabization and Islamization in one.

What induces Muslim women to wear a veil? And how do the Dutch react to a woman wearing a niqab, a face-covering veil? Radio Netherlands Worldwide interviewed Brigitte, a convert to Islam, and Chaista Khan. Both women wear a niqab.

17-year-old Islamized, Indoctrinated & Married

17-year-old F. (photo) was a completely normal girl. Her Kurdish parents have integrated well in Switzerland. She herself like going out earlier, was a sports talent and also liked to wear a bikini. But then the girl met Naim Cherni from Blancho’s IZRS and everything changed: She began to live by the rules of the Quran, completely covered herself in black dresses and no longer gave her hand to boyfriends.

She finally separated completely from her family and environment and went missing after participation in the “Islamic Get-Together” in Disentis (PI reported). The parents figured it was a kidnapping, but last Friday, the missing daughter suddenly appeared on Swiss television on the political program “Arena” (you can see theprogram here). F. sat clothed in black at the side of “husband” Naim Cherni and stated willingly before the running camera: “I am wearing this clothing of my own volition and have striven for nine months to be a practicing Muslim.  Islamized, Indoctrinated & Married

Court Rules Hindu Bride Must Convert to Islam…/RoP

(US) ‘Shock’ over Hillary’s Silence on Islam’s Treatment of Women

Hindu Girl Kidnapped, Forcibly Converted to Islam…

Islamabad A Hindu girl from Punjab province was kidnapped and forced to convert to Islamand is currently being held in a madrassa, leading Pakistani rights activist Ansar Burney said today.

Burney said his rights organisation, the Ansar Burney Trust International, had learnt that 15-year-old Gajri, the daughter of Mengha Ram, was abducted by a Muslim neighbour from her home at Katchi Mandi, Liaquatpur, in Rahim Yar Khan district on December 21, 2009.

Gajri’s parents later found out that she was beingheld captive in a madrassa or seminary in southern Punjab and that she had been married and converted to Islam, Burney said. More>>

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  1. Hey, tent girls – the reason why people don’t talk to you is that we know about taqiyya, brainwashing and that crapslam is just that – crap.

    YOu can call us all the names that you want – islamophobia is just a made up word that you can throw around so as to appear as a victim and that is just a part of your jihad – victimhood. Take it and cram it.

    you look stupid, and maybe that is why people don’t talk to you. Oh, and as for the violence you fear – how come it never materializes while the violence against non-muslims ALWAYS makes its ugly head known!?!?! freaks.

  2. Damn, that was weird a cross between the muppets and monty pythons!
    And the guy was right, lets ban stupid beards………

  3. Wilders knows what is best for Holland and Europe.
    I only pray to God that he gets into a position to enforce it.

    Islam is the fear. The guy in the video talking about the beards was absolutely right.
    It is about getting rid of Islam in a round-about-way.
    Islam is a plague cult worse than any ideology ever on the face of the earth. It must be stamped out, one country at a time.

  4. “Kidnapping is un-Islamic!”

    “The purpose of kidnapping me was to force me to enter into Islam”

    A Christian girl kidnapped in Egypt tells her story. The Arabic-language Free Christian Voice (Sawt al-Masihi al-Hurr) carried this report, entitled “After her return, the young girl of the village of Fanus narrates the details behind the conspiracy to bully her family out of the village,” on June 17. It was translated exclusively for Jihad Watch by Raymond Ibrahim. More

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