Killer Discount

Andrew Bolt

Being a refugee from a traumatised Mohammedan country is one of the excuses you can successfully use to get a light sentence for punching a young man to death.

So shouldn’t the Federal Government factor in more carefully the risks to the community in taking in refugees from such countries?

A similar excuse is offered to an Adelaide court this month:

A taxi driver  raped a teenager after she passed out on his back seat. He asked for mercy in Adelaide’s District Court.   Hajy Baba Rahmanian, 60, was found guilty of rape by a jury and is awaiting sentence after losing an appeal against his conviction…

“There is a very reasonable possibility that given his cultural background and limited insight into laws and sexual behaviour, he didn’t realise that having intercourse with somebody who is unconscious and therefore not consenting is a very serious crime,” Mr Algie told the court. Read it all:   Offered safety, bringing danger

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3 thoughts on “Killer Discount”

  1. “he didn’t realise”

    But when a dhimmi doesn’t realise, they get sheiken down and prosecuted, and given “reeducation” to let them know their place.

    What’s the quickest way to develop a “history of mental illness”, or does that only work for muslims?

  2. Even a child knows the difference between what is morally right or wrong. So it must be that as Muslims grow up, Islamic culture perverts their natural sense of morality.

    Lawyers defending pervert Muslims, might like to try the above.

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