KRudd a Forger? "I believe it has occured…"

An update from this: ISRAEL: Australia expels Mossad station chief over passports in Dubai killing

Andrew Bolt

Forged outrage

‘’Has Australia forged foreign passports before? I believe it has occured…”

Apparently Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Julie Bishop has made a terrible gaffe by telling the truth and exposing the hypocrisy behind the Rudd Government’s huffing over Israel:

In an interview with The Age online, Ms Bishop said it would be naive to think ‘’Israel is the only country … that has used forged passports, including Australian passports, for security operations’’. When asked, ‘’What? We do?’’ she said ‘’yes’’.

Later she said: ‘’Has Australia forged foreign passports before? You’ll have to ask the Foreign Minister.’’ Pressed on what she thought, she said: ‘’I believe that it has occurred.’’

But in a statement later, she denied having told The Age online that Australian intelligence agencies had forged the passports of other nations.

‘’My responses were referring to the fact that forged Australian passports have been used previously … I have no knowledge of any Australian authority forging any passports of any nation.’’

Bishop’s real gaffe is to retreat under fire from what she correctly said. A Paul Keating would have gone in even harder.

3 thoughts on “KRudd a Forger? "I believe it has occured…"”

  1. Every nation’s security services forge passports. If they didn’t, they would be in dereliction of their duty to protect the nation.

  2. How many people coming here on forged passports are being met and greeted, instead of getting the shaft and sent packing? Passport forgery is part and parcel of the “refugee” industry.

    Fake Passport racket centered in the Gulf
    Last week’s air crash in Mangalore, in which 159 people were killed, has had an unlikely upshot; it has brought into focus a thriving fake passport racket, known locally as “Kasaragod embassy”

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