KRudd Squanders Another $16.7 Million on a Study of "Mens Health"

Which reminds me:

“I wrote a song about dental floss but did anyone’s teeth get cleaner?”
— Frank Zappa

A cancer on our prosperity: Miners threaten Rudd with an investment strike

After penalizing you for drinking & smoking, squandering the wealth of the nation and setting houses on fire, Australia’s unbearable  king of spin,  Kevin Rudd, throws your taxpayer dollars at a study of mens health. Do you feel better already?

Hey KRudd: I also have a working family. How ’bout you tax yours first? Feel you’re being spun? For masochists, here you go: Kevin Rudd’s Working Families Ringtone.

Ah, before I forget:

There is also $6 million for indigenous health projects. (Is that booked as payoff, handout,  tribute or bribe?)

Get your barf bag or bring out the pitch forks!

4 thoughts on “KRudd Squanders Another $16.7 Million on a Study of "Mens Health"”

  1. I assume that much of this will require access to “confidential” medical records, and an army of bureaucrats to ensure that men from different backgrounds have improved health equity …

    * boosting overall health outcomes for men
    * improving health equity between men from different backgrounds
    * improving health “at different life stages”
    * encouraging preventative health programs,
    * making health care more accessible for men
    * investment in research into men’s health

    “strength through joy”?

    “encouraging” in today’s language basically means “compelling”.

  2. What I would give to have John Howard and Peter Costello back at the helm!!
    But nonetheless, I will settle for Tony Abbott who continues to impress me more and more each day – yet I once vowed I would NEVER vote for him. Lesson – Never say Never!! I once believed I would never become a Christian Zionist!! (I thought I was an Atheist back then – but that is over 30 years ago…) Yet now we have a home in Jerusalem!! The Greatest place on this Earth and G-d’s Holy City – now and until the New Jerusalem!! And sorry B. Hussein Soetoro – Jerusalem will NEVER be divided!!

  3. KRudd has crashed the Australian stock market. The banks are tanking as investors flee. The (next) government must go to restore confidence in Australia as an investment destination.

    Even a back flip wont work as it’s too late, trust has been lost, confidence has been destroyed. In the global investment world Australia is now a laughing stock…


  4. When the “market” was recovering, I told my son that it was a prelude to a much bigger stock market crash. Krudd and Swine have been patting themselves on the shoulder in a very smug manner, congratulating themselves on the economic recovery. I predicted that they economy of the entire world would collapse soon, very soon . It has to happen, to pave the way for the leader of the New World Order to take over. Krudd has taken our country so deeply into debt and to make matters worse, Peter Costello is no longer in politics.

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