KRudd Watch

Killing the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs:

Meet the all new KRudd, a self-proclaimed “fiscal conservative” PM who holds the nation hostage to the extortion of his economy wrecking nationalisation of resource profits:

Bolt: Dennis Shanahan sums it up crisply:

THE Rudd Government is using new taxes and the mining boom Mark II to base its re-election pitch on a claim of good economic management

Piers Akerman:

The kitchen cabinet cooks up a mess

TREASURER Wayne Swan has produced a fantastic Budget. Fantastic – as in created in the mind, illusory and unrealistic. It is the equivalent of a fiscal pink batts scheme, with all that disastrous program’s potential to explode into flames, and has all the authority of the Rudd Government’s discarded emissions trading system. Continue reading ‘The kitchen cabinet cooks up a mess’

Rudd raiding our super to pay bills

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd and Treasurer Wayne Swan have seriously miscalculated the level of support they can count upon for their new attempt to seize a massive chunk of mining industry profits.  Continue reading ‘Rudd raiding our super to pay bills’

2 thoughts on “KRudd Watch”

  1. Australia’s 2010 budget leaks and announcements – shows more going to ward off Islamic terror and ramping up security than improvements in childcare

    It suggests that Australia like other free nations have immigration policies that defies reason. In the UK alone there are over 2000 terror plots being watched. But if a person wants to immigrate from hostile regions they are allowed to.
    Public order and safety:

    – A package of body scanners, extra firearms, dogs and Australian Federal Police at airports around the country. This includes security initiatives aimed at halting the spread of radical Islam.

    Cost: $200 million over four years [US$179/ £120 million]

    Border protection:

    – Some of this money will be needed to pay for a blow-out in border protection costs, resulting from a wave of asylum-seekers filling immigration detention centres around the country. Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison predicts that as much as $200 million extra will be needed.

    Cost: An extra $200 million [US$179/ £120 million]


    – A package of reforms to lower staff-to-child ratios in childcare and establish a transparent ratings scheme.

    Cost: $61 million

    – This announcement should be taken in context after the Government axed a program to build 260 childcare centres on school grounds. The Government said it would complete the 38 centres already in progress but abandon plans for the remaining 222.

    Cost: $114 million [US$102 /£68 million]

  2. Ah, forever Akerman and the other toads employed by Rupert Murdoch (links to Saudi Arabia?) who can’t get it into their tiny pea brains that John Howard lost the last election and doesn’t deserve demi-god status – more like demi-gog(ue). The trouble with Murdoch et al is that they think miners should be able to sell off resources at low prices and not be taxed. The words common and wealth are more than that. Economic rationalists and their claqueurs got Australia into this mess and Rudd has at least tried and been partly successful in digging us out.

    We face a very real threat from Islamic fundamentalists and all the two-bit Murdoch press can do is snipe. Wait until the first bomb plot is successful – I’m waiting to say I told you so. Akerman – don’t come to the South Island again – we’re still clearing pollution from your last visit.

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