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Australian Labor Party, Communisms Fifth Column, led by Kevin“I am not a socialist. I have never been a socialist and I never will be a socialist” KRudd

Fidel Castro April 15, 1959.:

“I don’t agree with communism. We are democracy. We are against all kinds of dictators… That is why we oppose communism.”

Australia to expel Israeli diplomat for killing Hamas jihad terrorist

You’d think they’d be happy that the Israelis took out a Hamas jihadist. But no, it’s all about the passports. “Australia moves to expel Israeli diplomat,” by Rod Mcguirk forAssociated Press, May 23 (thanks to Jihad Watch):


On our MTR show today, I talk with Steve Price about the ludicrous and self-serving decision by Kevin Rudd to expell an Israeli diplomat. We talk about this with Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop, too, who refuses then to confirm or deny that the Liberals, if elected, would also extract more taxes from the mining industry.

No, not everyone in Labor would agree with Kevin Rudd’s wild decision yesterday to make an example of Israel, once thought of as our friend, by expelling one of its diplomats.

AWU boss Paul Howes actually wrote this two months ago. I doubt he (privately) thinks any differently today – and his piece even then warned of the anti-Israeli agitation that Rudd has now unleashed:  against the anti-Israel Labor of KRudd

Birds of a feather, flock together:

KRudd tries to buy himself a cushy position among other empty suits at the UN   (with your money, of course!)

Our aid for Rudd’s vanity

When he’s not expelling Israeli diplomats to appease Muslim countries, he’s offering aid bribes to African ones who may likewise back Kevin Rudd’s desperate campaign for a temporary seat on the UN Security Council:

AUSTRALIA will pump more than $400 million in foreign aid into Africa by 2015, as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd chases a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Aid funding for Africa will more than double – from $163 million this year – despite Australia having few historical ties with the continent.The rise in spending will see hundreds of millions spent on helping Africa develop better farming practices while thousands of “development awards” will be offered.

But the money will also help promote Australian Rules football…

Nor is that the only cost of Rudd’s vanity:

TAXPAYERS paid a massive $700,000 for Governor-General Quentin Bryce’s trek to Africa to help win Australia a seat on the UN Security Council.

The boats keep coming:

Is this the Rudd Government’s Siev X – and will Rudd be vilified by the Left as a murderer as were John Howardand Peter Costello?

THE federal government knew a boat leaving Indonesia was in peril before it disappeared with more than 100 asylum seekers trying to reach Australia.

When will lefties admit that KRudd is far worse than Howard?

Even Fraser agrees: Rudd (far) worse than Whitlam

Free Speech no longer free under KRudd:

Remember the fulmination of Leftists such as David Marr against the wicked attempts of the satanic Howard Government to stifle free speech – attempts since matched, and more, by Kevin Rudd?

Since 1996, Howard has cowed his critics, muffled the press, intimidated the ABC, gagged scientists, silenced non-government organisations, neutered Canberra’s mandarins, curtailed parliamentary scrutiny, censored the arts, banned books, criminalised protest and prosecuted whistleblowers.

Of course, since then we’ve had the CSIRO censor a critic of Kevin Rudd’s emissions trading scheme, school principals banned from criticising Rudd’s school spending, journalists stopped from asking embarrassing questions, an art exhbition damned and closed down, millions spent on government propaganda, critics dumped from the ABC board, four new $100,000 prizes created for writers personally endorsed by Rudd, and a diplomat publicly smeared, vilified and demoted after givng Rudd unwelcome advice.

Next? Now note the evidence to a Senate committee this week of Parliamentary Librarian Roxanne Missingham, who reveals new restrictions imposed by the Rudd Government on information requested by the Opposition:
Icon Arrow Continue reading ‘Marr finally silenced by the menace he thought would come from Howard’

KRudd spin: those who feed us are “under taxed”

WAYNE Swan’s planned 40 per cent mining tax is under mounting pressure, with former banker and mining executive John Ralph rejecting it as risky and doubt cast over the Treasurer’s claim that resources companies are under-taxed.

This tax will kill Rudd (hopefully)

Israeli diplomat expelled. With friends like KRudd….

Brilliant. After offending Japan over whaling and our China cuddling, India over uranium sales anddiplomatic slights, Indonesia over boat people, Singapore over Kevin Rudd’s ”Asia forum”, and China over general dithering, the Rudd Government now drives a greater wedge with our most reliable friend in the Middle East by expelling an Israeli diplomat:

Read more: diplomat expelled; any friends left for Rudd to attack?

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  1. Dang, I used to watch those cool Australian movies like Razorback and Mad Max, etc. What happened down there, where’s Crocadile Dundee? Are you guys in a race with Europe to see who can go down the tubes first? That cult don’t look like it’s just gonna go away anytime soon for sure.

  2. What I would give to have Mr. Howard and Peter Costello back now!
    I do hope we see Peter Costello come back – he had some maturing to do, but would be a great PM now!
    Rudd will be ousted be in a landslide this election, of that I am certain!

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