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Quote of the week:

KRudd raises the tax on cigarettes and claims that it will give people more incentive to quit. Yet somehow raising tax on mining profits wont have the same effect on the mining industry.

KRudds “Foreign students first” policy causes collective gasp

No wonder the mining industry is terrified by Kevin Rudd’s leadership:

KEVIN Rudd confronted mining chiefs over dinner in Perth last week to defend his resources super profits tax from charges it would lead to projects closing down, would restrict expansion, was a flawed design and would push investment overseas…

Addressing complaints from David Flanagan, head of Atlas Iron, about the effect on investment of having a super profits tax cut in at 6 per cent, Rudd said it was companies such as Atlas that were pushing up the dollar and making it hard for foreign students to live in Australia.

There was a collective gasp, with executives asking Rudd if he “wanted to wipe out the iron ore industry to help foreign students”.   Strangle our miners to help foreign students/Bolt

Canberra spin unravels as asylum boat hits shore/the Age

“Successful Interception”

The Age has the photographic evidence here of the latest boat being intercepted by nothing other than the Christmas Island jetty:

ACCORDING to the Rudd government, this is the moment the latest asylum seeker boat was ‘’successfully intercepted’’.

ACCORDING to the Rudd government, this is the moment the latest asylum seeker boat was ‘’successfully intercepted’’.

But, as you can see, authorities were nowhere to be seen when the boat containing 55 people chugged into Christmas Island’s Flying Fish Cove yesterday. ‘’They actually crashed the bow of the boat as it smashed into the jetty,’’ said one islander.

The government tells it differently. ‘’Border Protection Command today successfully intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel,’’ Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor said in a press release. ‘’HMAS Glenelg, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted the vessel … near Christmas Island.’’ From Andrew Bolt/Rudd’s navy intercepts nothing but the truth

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I was amazed on Monday when the SMH did an on-line poll of ”who is your preferred prime minister?

Result (18797 votes):
Rudd 16%
Abbott 68%
Gillard 16%

SMH may be a fan of the ALP but the readers aren’t.

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  1. If the boat had capsized on hitting the jetty, we (taxpayers) would have to compensate the victims.

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