Muselman of Wisdom Calls Burqa Ban "Ignorant" and "un-Australian"

Opposing the freedom sack is “Ignorant”. Opposing Islam is “ignorant”.

Hmm, perhaps we should tell Keysar Trad that Australia is un-Islamic…..

Join the cult so you can be filled with wisdom, just like Keysar Trad, who calls us “the  criminal dregs of white society”.

H/T Mullah

An Australian Liberal senator’s call to ban the burqa has been dismissed as a political stunt aimed at tapping into anti-Islamic sentiment. TVNZ

Ban the Burqa: the freedom sack has no place in Australia

sez Cory Bernardini
Islamic groups hope the vast majority of Australians will see through the comments as “nothing short of either ignorance or political opportunism”.

Writing on his personal blog, outspoken South Australian senator Cory Bernardi referred to a burqa-clad man who robbed a Sydney shop, commenting that the veil was now “emerging as the preferred disguise of bandits and n’er do wells”.

He wants to see it banned, but also because it prevents women from interacting in normal day-to-day life.

“The burqa isolates some Australians from others,” he wrote.

“It is un-Australian … and its symbolic barrier is far greater than the measure of cloth it is created from.

“For safety and for society, the burqa needs to be banned in Australia.”

“The criminal dregs of white society colonised this country, and now, they only take the select choice of other societies, and the descendants of these criminal dregs tell us that they are better than us.”

Islamic Friendship Association’s Keysar Trad rejected the call as “ignorant.”

Wearing the burqa actually encouraged women to integrate into Australian society, whereas a ban would only force them indoors where they’d “miss out on the vitamin D”.

“It’s tantamount to denying them the right to drive, the right to enjoy all the services of society as well as equal opportunity,” Trad said.

Really?  Trad is playing the Italian “chicken” game here. By restricting a woman’s movements even more and blaming it on the state’s efforts to prevent it… not unlike the frequently encountered, circular argument that fighting back against jihad is the root cause of jihad. Australian authorities, for their part, may want to consider the application of rules on wrongful imprisonment.

“I hope Australians will see this for what it is, it’s nothing short of either ignorance or political opportunism.”

In France, a bid to ban the veil from public places was about President Nicolas Sarkozy trying to win anti-Islamic votes, Trad said.

It was no surprise that with only months to go before a federal election, an Australian politician was trying the same tack.

But such comments only drove a wedge into the community. (Not. Mohammedans drive a wedge in our community. Mohammedanism divides us, Mohammedanism has to be stopped in Australia/ed)

Trad also said that once caught, authorities should prosecute the burqa-clad robber on race-hate charges as well as stealing for doing it in a racialised manner.

Senator Bernardi refused to comment further on his blog, but fellow Liberal Tony Smith said that while the Howard government never moved on the issue, it was up for community debate.


7 thoughts on “Muselman of Wisdom Calls Burqa Ban "Ignorant" and "un-Australian"”

  1. Trad? That would make him an Arab, either Lebanese or Syrian.

    I’d like to remind this wise guy – without overlooking the fact that he’s an immigrant (if not the son of an immigant) – that “these criminal dregs” are the very ones who made Australia what it is, the preferred destination of potential immigrants, and it is they who have granted him the freedom of expression to even spew out his muck at them. Let the good Keysar seriously consider immigrating to Pakistan. Come to think of it, if he’s so infatuated with the burka-clad women, someone ought to get him on the first flight to Afghanistan.

    As the saying goes: “If you bestow kindness to the kind you win him over, and if you do the same to the mean-spirited he rebels.”

    Mr. Trad is mean-spirited.

  2. He is Lebanese – and he is a problem. No problems with Christian Lebanese – after all they made Lebanon the Paris of the East – but Trad and his ilk have destroyed Lebanon and now they are working on our countries.

  3. With lots of bi-partisan and multi-‘faith’ support, Kaw – scroll down the honour roll of muslims and supporters on the IFA events blog:

    Ferguson, Ruddock, Hewson, Catmeat, Catholic Bishops and plenty more … quite a celebration of diversity

  4. * What a target rich environment!

    Literally, when they have outlived their usefulness. Playing the harlot can have consequences.

  5. * Where all the usual suspects gather.

    Like mozzies around stagnant water 🙂

  6. I had to laugh at the comment by Keysar who insisted that “wearing the burqa actually encouraged women to integrate into Australian society, whereas a ban would only force them indoors where they’d ‘miss out on the vitamin D’.” Just how much Vit. D would they get fully clothed? I really can’t understand why newspapers, etc, even bother to interview him!

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