Mayday in Greece: Violent Mobs Set Police on Fire

Other peoples money: Greece demands others pay for living over their means….riots ensue when people start to rely too heavily on their governments to take care of them and then those governments fail.

Atlas Shrugs:

The German media calls this “clashes

At worst clashes in the 1. May demonstrations in Athens, many people were injured. Against 20 000 people were on the street.

Of the protests against the Greeks tens of thousands of government austerity program in Athens on Saturday several hundred young people drunk and disorderly. They threw Molotov cocktails and stones at policemen who strive tear gas.

This is what happens to the “entitlement” classes and the welfare state. Is the EU going to bail Greece out? And who is going to bail the EU out? There but for capitalism goes us.

2 thoughts on “Mayday in Greece: Violent Mobs Set Police on Fire”

  1. Yes this is was horrible to watch..Anarchists are a really well organised group in Greece..Anarchists all over the world are celebrating ”victory” in Greece and wanting to bring this kind of thing to other parts of the world. I think a lot of what they do and say has to be illegal in many countries but I wonder how closely these groups are being monitored? You never read about them in the mainstream media.

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