7 thoughts on “Melbourne: African "youths" face 68 charges over rape”

  1. I thought Muslims only partake of halal products. The last time I heard, Christains and other religons here in Australia are NOT halal. This man has committed many crimes in our country, he has been caught out robbing his own premises after reporting the matter to the police that he had been robbed. He was a liar, as the video camera showed it all. He is seen kicking the door in. He wanted to fiddle the insurance company for the money.

    Another time he was caught driving an unregistered car, and did not hold a lisense to drive a car at all. When women were packed in our Sydney suburb, he then said his immortal words, “they deserve to be raped as they are like meat on the street for the dogs to eat”. Everyone wanted to kill this turd, but we are not to do anything about it. He would be the most hated person in the country and he loves this fact. I wish they would throw the bum out. His congregation are pimply oversexed and very violent youths who follow his orders. He is a criminal. He is what Islam is all about. A violent fiend.

  2. He is also an object of laughter and ridicule. Many a joke is told about this hilaly the hilarious.

  3. I agree Theresa. I feel it is about time that the police were allowed to draw their guns on these violent muslim thungs who contribute NOTHING to our country.

  4. The Russians do it..no stupid expensive trials for them..noone can argue about it once these morons are dead.

    Just to remind everyone..May 20th Draw Mohammed Day…in support of the persecuted European cartoonists.

  5. These 4 xxxxxx must be castrated and then the entire lot of these people must be deported. The do gooders should be whipped on their behalf for interceding and bringing them to our country. The law must change to include castration and deportation. Once do gooders are punished, they will learn to leave well enough alone.

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