5 thoughts on “Michael Savage Interviews Obama Voter”

  1. Jo is on welfare because she is illiterate.
    She obviously cannot read otherwie she would know where the money comes from that pays for her welfare.
    That is how Obama got elected. He got elected by the dumb-ass Americans that don’t no shit from putty.

  2. Some people should not be allowed to procreate and Jo the moron’s parents are two such. Obama gets HIS money from Illegal Immigrants and pays social security with it HILARIOUS and very very sad that such moronic people get to vote.

    1. Yep, that’s right. Obama pays her welfare check from “his stash”, and illegal aliens hand their wages over to the government.

      Democracy, as is, is mob rule.

      Democracy, when not practiced among equals, which means well informed and literate people, thus becomes a suicide pact.

  3. sheik
    re your comments on democracy
    It seems to me that well informed and literate people are the biggest danger to democracy.Bear with me and I will make my arguement
    The first duty of any democratically elected government is to protect its citizens. That is the foundation of democracy,the term first is unequivocal and cannot mean anything but first,No amount of semantic arguement can make the term first other than what it is.
    The courts ,who should be well informed and literate,have once again decided that they have the right to undermine the foundation of democracy by deciding that a muslim terrorist who presents an ongoing danger to the public cannot be deported because his human (terrorist)rights may be violated in Pakistan.In other words the court has decided that it has the right to piss all over democratic principles and tell the governent it may not fulfill its first duty.
    Perhaps the biggest danger is well intentioned literate people !!

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