Goodbye Yellow Brick Toad…

RABAT, MAY 7 – The Moroccan Islamic Justice and Development Party (PJD, opposition) asked today to ban British singer Elton John from participating in the festival Mawazine “because this risks encouraging homosexuality in Morocco,” said Mustafa Ramid, the party’s leader in Parliament. “We categorically refuse the participation of this singer because this risks encouraging homosexuality in Morocco,” said Ramid.

Elton John will be present at the Mawazine festival, which takes place from May 21 to 29 in Rabat with numerous signers such as Julio Iglesias, Mika, Carlos Santana and BB King. “The problem is not him, but the image that he has in the public opinion,” said MP Lahcen Daoudi, one of the party leaders. “Society has a negative perception of this singer and we must take that into account.” The PJD party filed a request in the lower house of Parliament today calling for “the British singer’s “participation to be banned”, also criticising “the welcome that has been reserved for him”. (ANSAmed).


  1. Society has a negative perception of [islam] and we must fawn all over muslims and islam, and accuse society of islamophobia, cultural insensitivity, and causing hurt feelings.

  2. Goodbye mujihideen
    Though I never knew you at all
    You had a plan to blow yourself up
    While our politicians crawled

    They crawled out of the woodwork
    And they whispered into our brain
    islam is peaceful
    And they made us praise your name

    Even when you died
    Oh, the press still lauded you
    All the papers had to say
    Was that Mohammed was a good dude

    And it seems to me, you ended your life
    Like a bomb hidden in the bin
    Never knowing who to land on
    When your brain exploded with the bin

  3. Blow it out your collective arsholes you arsholes of Islam. The great music that Sir Elton John has brought to the world far outweighs any negatives the idiots of Islam can present.
    They should remember the little boys you take to your tents, the Bacci Basi and the little children you ruin forever. The lucky ones die. The women you destroy. The young and often under age girls you hang from the back of trucks by their necks.
    Please go and have a good wank in your tents and try and see the world more positively. Crack pots.
    Elton John will be here and his music will be here long after the pathetic Islamic terror has left the world forever.

  4. Arabs , the first guy people in the world , lol , Santana , BB King and Elton John stay away , f*ck that terrible moslim dessert people , they call us pigs , dogs and apes , go to Europe , we love you and welcome you .

  5. Therese – well said!!
    And MullahLoadaBulla – that was just brilliant!!
    Did you write that or borrow it from elsewhere, and can I use it in Church tomorrow??

  6. I wrote it quickly to the tune of Candle in the Wind, & you can use it in Church or anywhere … last verse could be improved a bit 🙂

  7. I thought that Islamists didn’t like music; especially westernized music?
    What gives?
    Morrocco must be slightly ahead of the Islamic times. (I was going to say “behind the Islamic times” but you really can’t go backwards more than 1400 years in Islam can you?)

    1. You are right, al-kidya:

      music is haram, forbidden.

      But most Muslims are ignorant of their religion, that is, until they take their scriptures seriously and act on it. Even the Gaddafi-klan has a history of importing American pop singers, the influence from the West is undeniable. But the ‘real Islam’ is not dormant, the beast is awake and lurks in the bushes.

  8. Mulla Lodabulla, I like your style.

    The Mohammedans as stone age inhabitants can decide what music they want, but we can also decide they need to be exposed for their insanity.

  9. Despite the the influence that Islam is trying to throw upon the world today, we have to remember one thing…
    Forgive those who trespass against us… If we start to think like these people, we will never move forward… But remember one thing…
    They didn’t say anything when they had an earthquake in Morocco and a British Gay Foundation delivered over £100,000 worth of supplies to those who needed it most when the Moroccan government couldn’t help.
    It’s not the sexuality that changes a man or woman, but more so the attitude around them.

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