5 thoughts on “Mothers Day Means Motherly Love”

  1. My Mom, sadly, is passed on to be with Allah but I think I’ll go right out and buy one for the wife.
    She’s always complianing of the cold in Canada and a nice black “Cozy-sack” would be the perfect gift!
    And at the low price of $49.95 I can’t go wrong.
    Now I can set the thermostat down, save on heat, and I won’t have to look at that ugly scowl on the wife’s face every time I do something she doesn’t like.
    It’s like killing two “adulterers” with one stone!

  2. Sorry, completely off topic but I need to know how I can send news items to Sheik.
    Please make this mum and grandmum happy!!!

  3. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to most of the half of the world’s adult population!!!!!!!!

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