Muslim Prayer Room At Australia's La Trobe University "Upgraded"

“Upgraded” means they now have a full blown mosque on campus to the exclusion of all others.

Is La Trobe becoming a title mill for Mohammedans?

H/T Mullah

MELBOURNE, May 2 (Bernama) — The prayer room for Muslim students at La Trobe University here has reopened after a A$927,000 (RM2.725 million) refurbishment.

Head of the university’s Islamic Society, Mohamad Tabbaa said the refurbished rooms, complete with new washrooms, carpeting and heating, had been doubled in size to fit the growing number of Muslim students at the university.

La Trobe has 1,500 Muslim students.

“We’re very happy with it and appreciate what the university has done,” Tabbaa told the Leader newspaper.

Here’s a sample from a well established centre of dhimmitude, UC Berkeley/California thanks to Pamela:

He said up to 300 people could fit in the new room, a welcome change after students had previously been forced to pray outside when the old room was full.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Johnson told the newspaper the refurbished building would help students meet the demands of tertiary study and the daily ritual of prayer.

The university has also released a new guide for Muslim students, which contains information about where to get halal food, mosque locations and the details of Muslim student societies.


9 thoughts on “Muslim Prayer Room At Australia's La Trobe University "Upgraded"”

  1. This sort of thing is of course beginning to happen in the U.S. as well. I’m curious – are there no voices that object to University funds – which come I presume from 1) the pockets of many non-Muslim students and 2) government which is funded by many non-Muslim taxpayers – being used for this? And I’m also curious – is there a chapel on campus where Christian students can go to pray?

    I don’t know what makes me angrier – the presumption of these students in demanding the spending of money that isn’t theirs (and could go to serve the entire student body) to accomodate their special needs; the determination of the muslim population to derail traditional societal institutions in the host country; or the general population that blithely and ignorantly goes about their business.

  2. There was a good article on Australian islamist monitor recently detailing all the separate faciltities for muslims in Australia and describing them as a form of apartheid.
    What gets me too is all the high water use..water is in short supply the world over yet these people endlessly waste it with all their washing rituals..a few years back , washing this often they would have been considered obsessive compulsive behaviour.
    When did they have all this water to waste in the desert??

  3. Mac,
    These decisions are made in the quiet, never discussed openly in the public eye, and are highly politically motivated. The driving force for this decision will be, in most likelihood, a left-wing activist. It is quite criminal: approximately one million dollars have been used to effectively bribe islamic thugs to behave, and given the financial situation of most academic departments, a waste of money of this nature cannot be justified. I hope that people continue to ask questions as to why this “deal” was allowed and who were the prime movers of this waste of money.

  4. In other news, Muslims rapists? Who know?

    “Elsewhere in Curtin’s Charlie compound a lone mother of the Sabian Mandaean faith who shares quarters with 43 Muslim men lives with her daughter in fear of being raped for four months. Complaints made by Amnesty to Immigration authorities that she had been sexually assaulted and harassed were initially ignored. An independent investigation later found immigration officials failed to adequately protect the woman and her daughter and ordered their department to pay her $15,000 in compensation for the months of trauma.”

  5. Facilitating jihad thats what they are doing. prayer hall exclusive to muslims, information about where to get halal food, mosque locations and the details of Muslim student societies. Bloody hell why doesnt any other religion demand this and only the worshippers of satan demand and the dhimmis bend backwards to provide.

  6. Leo Hugh…. Mmm, it remind me of a good comment from somewhere in the internet “Christians praying in public…the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) would be screaming at the top of their collective lungs about the separation of church and state. Muslims praying in public…the ACLU will sincerely remind us all about ‘tolerance’ and ‘freedom of speech.’ Either way, the ACLU wins.” ………. Also, I thought this University backed the so-called Interfaith, then instead supporting the Muslims only.

  7. This is totally against the law of Australia. Is La Trobe University being subsidized by Saudi oil money or what?

    In Australia apart from very few places, women have equality with men. This is a boys only venue. How can the supposedly cloisters of learning allow this.

    Our tax dollars are being spent on this while many of our people are sleeping rough out on the street. This is what happens when you are a sect of violence with power and money behind it. I cannot imagine how much influence is bought by these people.

    La Trobe you are un Australian, and you disgrace the country who built you, paid for you and now “Is this the way you say Thank you Australia? You had better have a re think very soon or you will see riots on your campus.

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