Nice work if you can get it: KRudd pays $ 25 million to rubber-stamp $43 billion national broadband network scheme

“Peer Reviewed” studies: how to get research to back your cause.

Meanwhile, the beds are  (still) burning:

Government’s $25 million consultants say it’s right

Pissing away your tax dollars with lightning speed:  From the guys who funded AGW research … 25 Mill to tell Rudd what he wants to hear

Even Andrew Bolt is surprised:

Wow. Nice work if you can get it – for a $25 million fee. How grateful would the consultants be to such a generous patron?

THE Rudd government will finally release a study into the economics and implementation of the $43 billion national broadband network today, two months after it received the findings.

The $25 million study, by business consultants McKinsey and KPMG, considers Canberra’s contentious proposal to build a high-speed fibre network to 90 per cent of Australian homes.

The study is believed to back the economic case for the NBN, with or without the involvement of Telstra, as the government requested.

Reader Alan adds this:

The Henry Tax Review cost $20 million.
Who got that money?

Kevin Rudd appointed Dr Henry as the head of the review committee in 2008 along with Family Services Department head Jeff Harmer; economists and academics John Piggott and Greg Smith; and Australian Industry Group chief executive Heather Ridout, as members.

The review committee, known as the Henry review, received 1500 formal submissions and more than 4700 letters, and held forums around Australia.

From the beginning, Treasury officials formed a secretariat for the committee, although the government said it was an “independent” review and not a government body because the Treasurer knew at some stage he would have to disagree with some of the recommendations.

The Family Services Department and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet also assisted the committee, but the bulk of the work was done in Treasury.

So basically,it was a tame in-house report where “the bulk of the work was done in Treasury”.

This is another example of Rudd’s ‘BER Syndrome’ where everything costs ten-times what it should.
How did it cost $20 million?

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  1. Six months out from an election, and what happened to the NBN over the last 2.5 years?

    Vapour ware?

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