Nile vows to continue fight against the burqa


Muslim females desecrating the flag:
For and against: Female subjugation or ignoring the rights of women? Reverend Fred Nile and Muslim author and lawyer Randa Abdel-Fattah present their case.

THE Reverend Fred Nile says he will continue his fight for a ban on the Islamic head and body veil after his private member’s bill foundered in Parliament yesterday.

The Christian Democrats MP wants NSW to follow a growing list of European countries which have moved to ban women from wearing the full head and body covering in public.

Rev Nile’s Full-face Coverings Prohibition Bill, which is modelled on legislation recently passed by the Belgium Parliament, would see any person wearing a a burqa or niqab while in public liable for a $550 fine.

Anyone who compels another person to wear such a covering could be fined $1100 and a person’s religious or cultural belief would not be a reasonable excuse.

“The time to act is now, the world is debating this issue right now,” Rev Nile said.

Well, we may as well start debating the benefits of Islamic immigration altogether. What say you?

However the Government, Opposition and Greens blocked his motion to debate the merits of the bill, meaning it is unlikely to go any further soon.

Muslim Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane said considering the bill would “spread fear and division”.

Rev Nile said the issue was “the elephant in the room” and politicians were unwilling to touch a sensitive subject.

“They hope it will go away but I’ll continue to keep raising it until I get a debate on the bill.”

“I’m sure it will happen; the population in Australia in general agree with what I’m saying”

He says concealment of a person’s face – male or female – for any purpose, including terrorism, anarchism or discrimination against women, should be banned.

“We must do all we can to protect women, especially Muslim women, from discrimination and oppression so they live an open lifestyle,” Rev Nile said.

“The wearing of the burqa is a form of oppression which has no place in the 21st century.”

The Islamic dress also presented a security risk, he said, citing terrorists in the Middle East and Russia who had launched attacks while concealing their identity or weapons under a burqa.

The burqa ban debate

For and against: Female subjugation or ignoring the rights of women? Reverend Fred Nile and Muslim author and lawyer Randa Abdel-Fattah present their case.

Praising submission:

Arab women want to be claimed by men, and therefore have no objection to being subjects of a patriarchal and theocratic society in which their individual rights are abridged. Suab Joseph’s audience, which appeared to consist mostly of Center for Near Eastern Studies and Women’s Studies faculty, nodded their heads in agreement with this troubling statement. In fact, those gathered reacted favorably to the lecture overall and asked no challenging questions of the speaker. Overwhelming (if understated) evidence of the systematic and institutionalized abuse of Middle Eastern women didn’t seem to factor into the equation.

Apologist for gender apartheid

12 thoughts on “Nile vows to continue fight against the burqa”

  1. Well, we may as well start debating the benefits of Islamic immigration altogether. What say you?
    The shortest debate in history!!! The debate should be “dare politicians ask the consent of the people to thrust nazislam down their throats and expect them to foot the bill”
    More power to you Rev Nile ,I hope common decency will prevail
    Auzzies , the fewer of the muslim scum you allow to infest your country the shorter the inevitable civil war will be.

  2. infidel john, you said it how it is. My shame is that many of our people don’t want to listen to the peril we are in. This is a time in our history when we have never been more vulnerable than we are at this very moment, and our people don’t take the time to read and investigate the terror that is here and waiting to break out. There are more of them here than is officially stated, they are trained warriors, our people cannot protect ourselves, thanks to John Howard. Our rifle shooting team is not staying at the village for the upcoming games in India. This is a great move, as they may, in case of a similar event such as in Mombai two years ago – they may be able to stop any terrorist before they harm any athletes there.
    I love my country Australia, but our politicians have silenced us in many ways. They are failing us because of money. It would appear that our politicians see us as not important enough to come clean with us and STOP IMMEDIATELY MIGRATION FROM ALL ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. But I believe, they don’t even care. You know what they are all and only interested in. MONEY. SHAME ON THEM ALL.

  3. infidel john, it would appear that I have been censored on this site. I just submitted a reply agreeing with you but it has not been accepted. I wonder if it is because of the truth. If it is this way, then we are in worse danger than even I imagined.

  4. Thank you sheikyermami,

    I was so upset about it as this has not happened before only a couple kept for moderation. Thanks. I am a victim of a family of Muslims all criminals. I have had done to me things that should never happen to a woman let alone an older woman at that. I was bashed and beaten for 4 years. I was robbed and they all worked against me and were prepared to lie before the court. Which they did. I get really wound up with people who don’t recognize the danger we are in. The ease in which they lie, take us by surprise until it is too late. Any man (if this is the term) who can kick an elderly lady to extract money is no man at all. We lose our homes, our family and friends. Then thrown on the scrap heaP. The police will do little, and by the time our stories filter through the system, we the victims – are not given any regard OR credibility. By this time we have been painted as a mad person who lies. It is very effective. When in fact it is they who have lied and together with the help of Muslim police and banks who no longer speak English – we are robbed blind. Why don’t we speak out? Well, once you are beaten every day for a month or more and you are told what will happen to your kids? You don’t take chances with their lives. I wrote a book about my situation and what happened to me and I was advised that if I did publish – I would more than likely be killed. So what are we all to do? I live in fear every day of my life. It is not fair. And there is absolutely no one in our country prepared to help me. I have been everywhere. They all run scared and allow a little old lady to fight on alone. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY

  5. Its called biznis, to extract the wealth of infidel women in the West and to destroy them in the process. Its been going on for a long time. There are some support groups by victims for victims in Europe. I don’t know if there are any in Australia.

    Its always the same: widows or middle aged divorcees meet Arabs, Turks or Egyptian Muslims, (those seem to be most active, although Nigerians, Moroccans, Senegalese, Ghanians are in on it too) they fall in love and in turn their Muslim lovers take them for everything they got.

    Stay safe. But you should get your story out. You owe it to yourself and others, Therese!

  6. Thanks Sheik but I am more afraid for my children than I am for myself and you would know that these men truly believe they are Lords of the Earth. Ever since the Greeks gave us the gift of democracy this caused a the rift between west and east to this very day. Domination of women was how it has always been for Middle Eastern men and this is their birth right they believe. To resist will only bring about more torture. Many Islam women live this life on a daily basis but are brainwashed that it is the will of Allah. I was always a feminist way back when- but you are kept a virtual prisoner. Always someone with you. They sit beside you when you make a phone call. Very soon you stop calling the ones you love and they get angered by this and they stop trying, but as we are so frightened there is nothing we can do. Finally we are totally estranged from all the people we knew. I wonder how many other women in Australia have had this done to them. I wish we could all get together and join together as one voice and make the government do something for us. I have tried everything I know and just have doors slammed in my face.

  7. No I am not saying that. They have always threatened to do harm to my family if ever I say a word. They will meet a violent end. This is their promise. He, was never my husband. I was a widow. Snatched from my world into another. On the outside they have jobs and speak like we do and look like we do. However, behind closed doors it is another matter. I was virtually held captive until they had every penny I ever earned over my lifetime. I was drugged, forced to hand over my bank accounts to him and all the time they were telling the police that I was a poor demented woman they were taking care of. They are so cunning. In the end no one believed me and it has taken me till last year to join a writers group and have been befriended by a really great and caring man and the group of writers and I have slowly came back to life. But these days I don’t have the 5 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms and beautiful car in the garage and thousands in the bank. I now live in a room. The police don’t want to know about extorting money with menaces or violence. It appears their word is taken over mine. I was living in a prison without bars, but nevertheless a prison of fear.

  8. Isolating people from their loved ones is standard cult practice. Could you get your story published under an assumed name? It is good that you have come back to life and that you are writing here. You are a brave and resilient woman Therese. You may only have a room but you have yourself back.
    I had not heard of the rort Sheik describes.

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