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Muslims in NYC Planning to Build Second, Smaller Mosque Near Ground Zero

As controversy surrounds the construction of a 13-story mosque just two blocks from Ground Zero, FOX News has learned that an effort to place a second mosque close to the hallowed site in New York City is in its advanced stages.

These mosques, symbols of Islamic triumphalism, will be icons on every Islamic and jihadist website. Despicable. Wouldn’t it have been a wonderful, peace loving gesture for the ummah to have declared ground zero a mosque free zone?

That could never happen. 911 is, for Islam, the day they conquered America. Imagine the Muslim call to prayer at Ground Zero.  New York needs more mosques just like it needs another 9/11. Fox News has the story

Who is Michael Posner, and why is he apologizing to China?

By Michelle Malkin

President O-bow-ma‘s apologist in chief

Actually, I phrased the title question wrong.

Question: Who the hell is Michael Posner, and why the hell is he apologizing to China?!

Answer: Michael Posner is the former head agitator at the transnationalistHuman Rights First, who represents the textbook State Department mindset of pandering to the worst America-bashers without hesitation or shame. Foggy Bottom isn’t just stuck on stupid. It’s stuck on American self-sabotage.

Longtime readers of this blog will recall that Posner had a significant role in theattempted George Soros-ization of Ground Zero in 2005.

Moreover, Discover The Networks reports>>

5 thoughts on “O-bow-ma Land”

  1. This would be so outreageouse to all the people who lost thier lives on 9/11.
    I can’t stand looking at that picture of Obama bowing like that.
    Than watch the picture of him and Michelle by the Royal family of England, did you ever see anybody behave like that by the Royals.?

  2. Ain’t it great how muslims DEMAND respect and yet have no idea when it comes to respecting anyone outside their faith! I suppose it’s cause we’re all infidels and going to hell……….

  3. Maria
    Obama is not bowing, that is the natural stance of someone who lacks a spine and cojones.If he was facing the other way you would see the face of the antichrist
    Presisdent taqiyya of OBAMASTAN

  4. Sheik
    I disagree , that is the natural stance of the spineless twat,he can only stand straight when he has a muslim dick up his rectum

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