"Oh Allah, avenge those who have wronged our prophet Mohammed… I ask God the Mujahideen strike the throats of the infidels"

Soccer Jihad, Motoon Jihad:

Motoon Rage and threats against the “Christian dogs.” Not that this has anything to do with Islam! “Blood-Soaked Ticket: Al Qaeda’s Warning To World Cup Fans,” by James Murray for the Express, May 30, JW

BRITISH counter terrorism officers are probing Al Qaeda threats to bomb England’s first World Cup match against the United States.

Other news from the ROP:

Extremists mocked up a ticket for the game splashed with blood and produced a map of South Africa with six cities ringed to indicate other targets.

The threats were made in Arabic on a secret website used by Al Qaeda.

Dutch footballing authorities have already banned their players’ partners from travelling to South Africa because of a threat against their squad.

And last week, the US State Department warned there was a “heightened risk” of an attack during the World Cup and urged all its citizens going to South Africa to sign up to an alert system. […]

One of several threatening messages on the website is entitled “Al Qaeda in the World Cup” and contains graphics promising a campaign of bomb attacks.

A map shows cities including Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg ringed and symbols representing explosions.

Accompanying text says: “To the Christian dogs in South Africa: it seems that you did not worry when we said that your blood will be spilled when we destroy the stadiums in South Africa.” The internet blogger is in Algeria and appears to be referring to the recent threat made by Al Qaeda’s north Africa wing to mount mass-casualty attacks.

The latest threat is one of several on a forum considered to be close to Al Qaeda’s central leadership in Pakistan.

A response to the England attack threat says: “Oh God, avenge those who have wronged our prophet Mohammed… I ask God the Mujahideen strike the throats of the infidels.”

In another message, the Dutch and Danish teams are targets because newspapers in their countries have printed cartoons of Mohammed. A plot to attack their game in Johannesburg on June 14 was discovered when terrorist Abdullah Azam Saleh al-Qahtani was arrested in Iraq on May 3….

Neil Doyle, a security expert, said: “Sporting events appear to be in the crosshairs… The World Cup could offer a wide range of attractive targets.”

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  1. * Muslim Sentenced to Less than Two Years for Beating Elderly Swedish Woman to Death…

    Let me guess…

    Got it: “The Lund court said the 23-year-old would have faced a slightly longer sentence of two years had he not suffered from psychological problems.”

    Didn’t expect this one though – discount for upset tummy: “he had
    long suffered from a form of constant anxiety and related stomach complaints which made him less well-equipped for jail than the majority of prisoners.”

  2. Pretty disgusting decision – well folks – you know who the perp is, and whom the judge that released him is. Make their lives hell. The Lund court has disgraced all of Sweden and has spat on the memory of the lady who died as a consequence of what the muslim male did to her. Hang your heads in shame, you disgusting morons!!

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