"Only Adolph Hitler Would Oppose a Mosque on Ground Zero"

I guess we’re all little Hitlers now:

New York politicians rally in support of ‘Ground Zero mosque’

That’s right. That’s where  Hamas front CAIR  comes in:

Pamela with Robert Spencer

Good News from Pamela:

Despite intense pressure from the Muslim Brotherhood front — un-indicted co-conspirator CAIR — to remove me from the marquee of the Tennessee Tea party Inaugural Convention, the Tennessee Tea party leadership did not cave, did not submit, did not bow to Islamic supremacism. Real Americans, steadfast, brave and true. Pamela has more>>

From the Bunglawussi blog

New York politicians gathered Thursday afternoon to denounce Tea Party leader Mark Williams and support a mosque and community center planned near ground zero. The politicians were responding to Williams’ blog rant against the mosque Wednesday, in which he said Muslims worshipped a “monkey god.”

“His spewing of racial hatred reminds me … of Adolph Hitler,” Borough President Scott Stringer said at Thursday’s press conference. “We reject him. We reject his bigotry.”

Stringer and other politicians stood together outside the former Burlington Coat Factory building on Park Place, where the Cordoba Initiative hopes to build a $100 million, 13-story community centerwith Islamic, interfaith and secular programming, similar to the 92nd Street Y.

While the Cordoba House’s location just two blocks north of the World Trade Center has sparked protests from some 9/11 family members and many others, the local politicians said Thursday that the location was fitting. “This is precisely where this kind of center for peace and place of worship should rise up,” City Comptroller John Liu said.

In addition to Liu and Stringer, State Sen. Daniel Squadron, City Councilwoman Margaret Chin and Councilman Robert Jackson, the Council’s sole Muslim, all spoke in favor of the plans.

DNAinfo, 20 May 2010

13 thoughts on “"Only Adolph Hitler Would Oppose a Mosque on Ground Zero"”

  1. kaw,
    You are correct,islam is not a race, except in the newspeak language of obamastan.To anyone whose rectum has not been host to a muslim penis,islam is a political ideology to the right of nazism.
    If the uninformed idiots continue to insist islam is a race,then the same status should be accorded to islamophobia(sentient members of the human race) so henceforth anything islam does can be correctly described as a race hate crime against humanity.

  2. Hm. Seems everybody reminds everybody of Hitler these days.
    I know who reminds ME of Hitler, and it’s certainly not rational people who worry about being dragged back into the stone age, forced to wear tents and applauded when they take up paedophilia.

  3. Stringer can be reached thru internet – I have sent him my opinions of his utterances – I suggest others do same.

  4. “To anyone whose rectum has not been host to a muslim penis, islam is a political ideology to the right of nazism.”

    That’s very good John. LMAO

    Pamela Geller should be included in the Tenessee Tea Party and if the Tea Party doesn’t accept her by bowing to CAIR’s demands and intimidation tactics then they are just as dhimmified as the rest of the political spectrum.

  5. It is my opinion that if Muslims can refer to Jews as “sons of Apes and Pigs” and Christians as “Dogs” and “sons of monkeys” the Mark Williams has every right to refer to Muslims as worshipping a “monkey god”. Actually Allah he/she is a “luna-tic” but that’s another story.

  6. Do these leftist, politically correct politicians actually want to go through the pains that Europe and the UK are going through?
    What is wrong with their heads? Are they all snorting some kind of love drug? Too much MDMA perhaps?

  7. “Only Adolph Hitler Would Oppose a Mosque on Ground Zero”

    Not only is it a bizarre statement, it is patently false. There were mosques in Germany during Hitler’s time. Mosques were not subject to the treatment metered out to Synagogues, nor were Muslims subjected to the terror Jews were subjected too during the Third Reich. And of course we all know who sat down for a spot of afternoon tea with Hitler.

  8. al kidya
    Thank you for your kind compliment
    As I said in a fairly recent post, I am a recent convert to islamophobia and still full of the fanatical zeal usually associated with converts.I’m sure that with the support of like minded thinkers I will be able to sustain this condition for life.
    I may be new to islamophobia but I’m getting the hang of it fast.I don’t feel so alone now I’ve joined the worlds fastest growing religion ISLAMOPHOBIA

  9. Cecilie
    These compliments and support and going to my head
    back to islamophobia
    COGITO ERGO NON MUSLIM SUM ( I think therefore I’m not muslim) shall henceforth be the identifying slogan of Islamophobes.This will represent our defiance against giving up the greatest gift of humanity,the metaphysical attribute of that which lies between our ears.
    At the moment,Islamophobia is lacking a prophet to give it validity .In order to rectify this situation,I would like to nominate the good sheik himself as the prophet of Islamophobia (sheik, you get 20% of the goodies)
    Sheik,lead us out of the valley of islamic ideology and back into the golden age of reason where toilets can be flushed without offending muslims

  10. Hitler??? Would he realy. While he was making an alliance with a muslim during WWII, the grand mufti of Jerusalem. May be he would appeased him too.
    God verbid that a mosque will be build on ground zero. I hope whole New York will demonstrate against it. ( rather the whole country).

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