Pork Detector Invented

Who said Muslims never invented anything?

Where would we be without Muselmanic inventions? What could be more important than a device that can detect pork in food?

Pic thanks to ZIP

“It’s no secret that some chefs cheat and add pork to beef to make the dish cheaper,”  Pork test to bust cheats in Muslim Kazakhstan/Al Reuters

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3 thoughts on “Pork Detector Invented”

  1. Re. Kagan – she is VERY bad news and folks are going to have to keep a very close eye on her.

  2. Wow’I’m truly impressed by this example of islamic innovation and take back my comments about islamic retards not producing any scientific innovation in the last thousand years.however ,before I damn them with faint praise,I would like to point out that eating pork is not fobidden to muslims.If any of the retards who practice islam bothered to read the koran they would know that”he that is constained by hunger to eat of that which is forbidden,not intending to commit sin,will god forgiving and merciful.”In other words if muslims are hungry they can eat what they like.
    Still,its pleasing to see such a technical advance coming from the retarded ones

  3. The test itself is trivial to develop – and uses technologies developed in the West. Once again this is not a muslim innovation!!!

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