Racism in Australia

Andrew Bolt

The Australian Public Service tells Aborigines it will give them extra help to get a government job, and introduces you to the Aborigines it’s hired already:

Another equal opportunity employer

I’ve already introduced you to some of the ABC’s Aborigines:

If you have any questions about whether people should receive extra government help for insisting on a racial identity almost undetectable to the naked eye, put them to the Aboriginal heads of the Rudd Government’s new National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples:


Yet another example of the white genocide agenda being run out of Canberra at taxpayers expense.
Poster tony of coburg nails it:

This is government sponsored racism – pure and simple. It is a deliberate policy of apartheid – for no reason other than to destroy Australia.

As far as I am concerned this is a declaration of civil war

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  1. I’ve already introduced you to some of the ABC’s Aborigines:

    Seriously -the pictures underneath the caption – are they aborigines ?

  2. Bolt,

    You are racist and xenophobic. I spent my life protecting this country and its democratic values and while I continue to protest about pernicious immigration policy and the failure of multiculturalism, you spew hatred. I do not subscribe to the black armband view of history but I have often thought that some positive discrimination was required to help our indigenous people. Genuine aboriginals, not the politically radicalized inhabitants of certain suburbs, need assistance. The World Health Organization, which you would probably describe as a communist front, regards outback aboriginals as living in Third World conditions, lacking even the most fundamental of necessities, namely clean drinking water.

    Successive Australian governments have employed aboriginals for years and actively assist in higher education for them but only a minority can avail themselves of assistance because the basic schooling requirements are not available.

    No doubt, with views like yours, you will be well in tune with the calamity that an Abbott government would visit on us all. Perhaps you could be a gauleiter or senior functionary when undesirables are rounded up and thrown into concentration camps.

    My time is spent trying to expose the real enemy – fundamentalist Islam which is far more dangerous than the communists during the Cold War. However, I reject racist, xenophobic and fascist views.

  3. The Sheik’s email no longer works, so here is a response to the above in detail.
    …….You shy away from revealing who you really are and justify Winds of Jihad as being satirical about a serious subject, especially the threat from fundamentalist Islam. I tried to send you the following last week and your server bounced it – Now this is my latest – so feed Bolt, Jones et al and you will lose the argument because emotion will not defeat logic.


    Of course, Times Square and the abortive bombing is of much more interest to US readers but why you continue to turn racists, xenophobes and fascists loose on your website to spew repugnant doctrines means ipso facto, you lose the argument and ultimately the country loses the battle. If you aware of the term false flag operations, then you will be aware of the damage that can be done. If not look it up under Google for further education.

    The answer to Islamic fundamentalism lies in the political arena but education of the public is all-important. The caliber of people who you turn loose on Australian readers is sufficiently poor that they can be described as millionaires who made their money from scapegoating and denigrating citizens of this country. In the next week or so, I shall be writing a paper on the enemy within: those who by their words and actions facilitate the penetration of our institutions by pro-Islamic fanatics – those who sit back and tell the average person that if they oppose Islamic migration and multiculturalism, they are by definition sick, suffering from a psychological ailment known in the US as Islamophobia.

    The quality of input from Australia to your blog is extremely low grade and operates from a basis of racial hatred. I was sufficiently moved by Andrew Bolt’s ravings about the government employing aboriginals to write a response. The Australian aboriginal people have been very poorly treated since white settlement. I do not subscribe to what is referred to in this country as the “black armband” view of history because what happened in the early days was no different from colonial action everywhere. In the 21st century, it is not particularly honest to retroactively ascribe blame to early colonial governments. But it is a scandal to learn that outback aboriginals have no clean drinking water, suffer massive rates of curable eye disease and like the indigenous Americans, the white man’s gift has been venereal disease, smallpox, alcohol and a tendency to treat them as untermenschen.

    In a country that pretends to be civilized, some attitudes die hard and logically, if some of your writers and readers were honest, they would probably accept concentration camps and extermination for those who lived in this country long before the arrival of the white man. It is our duty of care to look after the less fortunate: that is anathema to the money grubbing, greed is good mentality of Western civilization. And you wonder why young Islamic citizens become radicalized and start making bombs. If you persist in promulgating the views of Australian extremists, when the first terrorist attack is successful, you will be culpable in the sense that the inevitable violence that follows can be sheeted home to shock jocks and cretinous journalists who focus on the here and now but never ask the question “why?” let alone assume that readers are capable of distinguishing between government policies that should be changed and mounting a campaign based on logic and experience. Remember that when the blood flows.

    John Miller

    1. Miller, I did receive your e-mail.

      This website is not about me, it is about jihad and the rapid Islamization of our countries. Everyday I get plenty of hatemail from Muslims who would love to chop my head off or put me out of existence. So for you to demand I paint a bullseye on my back is just pathetic.

      Your rant about racists, xenophobes and fascists is common leftist drivel. My emotions are none of your business, but if it satisfies you: yes, there is anger, frustration and disgust about our elected and unelected leaders, the media geeks and do-gooders like you who tarnish us as “racists”

      “The quality of input from Australia to your blog is extremely low grade and operates from a basis of racial hatred.”

      If you don’t like what you read on this blog you are welcome to move on, no one is forcing you to read it. People like you call Ayaan ali Hirsi and Wafa Sultan ‘racist’. Robert Mugabe, the Obama-bastard or the black gangster government of South Africa for you is somehow not ‘racist’ , because you pretend not to see it with your rose colored blinders.

      Get your own soapbox!

      You, like the “caring, compassionate” KRudd and his consorts, are generous with other peoples money.
      You dream of grand schemes and you bash us with morally supremacist compassion polemics if we don’t buy your pontificating rubbish.

      ” It is our duty of care to look after the less fortunate: that is anathema to the money grubbing, greed is good mentality of Western civilization.”

      Miller: ask yourself what you have done to “look after the less fortunate” before you demand that those who work for a living support your do-gooder allures.

      “And you wonder why young Islamic citizens become radicalized and start making bombs. “

      No Miller. I don’t .

      “Islamic citizens” don’t make bombs because of anything we have done. They make bombs because we exist. They are religiously obliged to kill us because we have rejected Allah. They want to kill us because that’s what the Koran teaches. For the Muslim, to be, means that the unbeliever is not. What part of “kill the unbelievers” is it you don’t understand? But don’t take my word for it. Ask Nacr Benbrika, who believes he “must preach holy war” “I am telling you that my religion doesn’t tolerate other religion. It doesn’t tolerate. The only one law which needs to spread, it can be here or anywhere else, has to be Islam.”

      I can’t be bothered with you, Miller. Despite your above Einstein IQ you display a severe learning disability.

      This blog explains Islamic doctrine in great detail. It takes an idiot like you to lecture me about the essence of Islam, which is genocidal. If you’re ready to submit to Islam or be dhimmi (humiliated and subdued) I got news for you: some of us will not go down without a fight. I will not submit.

      But really, I got better things to do than argue with interfaith-kumbaya deluded dreamtime salesmen like you.

      Don’t bother me anymore, Miller. Spare me your reverse racism!

  4. I recently saw some episodes of the doco series ”The First Australians.” It made for very harrowing viewing. I would think the Aboriginals fared worse than others. My bro commented on an episode he saw where they were being held by one English man with a gun. In the same kind of situation , Maori people would have fought back. The Aboriginals seem to be very passive people.

    1. Don’t believe leftist docu-dramas, Theresaj. “Rabbit proof fence” and “stolen generation” rubbish is simply anti-Australian propaganda and not based on reality, just like the ‘global worming’ scare is a scam to destroy the wealth of first world nations in order to “make us more like them”.

      I suggest you read “the history of North Queensland” to balance your ‘feelings’.

  5. John Miller, the Sheik’s site is one of the few high quality sites that shares information about an ‘enemy within’. Our MSM will not and cannot warn us, as it is being drip fed by advertising dollars from all levels of left-wing government. It has become lazy and treacherous for the sake of its own existence.
    Some comments here make me squirm, due to them being seriously extreme right-wing views.
    [Why replace one form of extreme abuse with another?]
    True to form, the Sheik allows it to be published because HE BELIEVES AND PRACTICES FREE SPEECH. He and everyone else here does not have to agree or support every post.
    I request that you do not attack the only brave, popular Australian site that has the right balance to defeat this enemy.
    When this ‘war from within’ is won by us, where will you be John?

  6. John, I wish to draw your attention to this article, below. As with all things Sheik, this site draws readers attentions to little discussed yet, serious events, that sooner or later enter the main stream.
    The Sheik is cutting-edge!
    Is England being racist or…. is it looking after its security? I would be interested in your thoughts.
    “David Cameron stamps Tory seal with Queen’s Speech that puts Lib Dems second”, Roland Watson, Francis Elliott and Sam Coates From: Times Online May 26, 2010 10:20AM.

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