Rooftop Protest at Mosque Site in Dudley

Update: Thousands Of Muslims Rioting in Dudley, Muslim Gangs Wilding with Knives as EDL Stages Rooftop Protest of Monster Mosque

That’s the way to do it:

EDL standing for freedom, staging rooftop protest on mosque site

Proposed centre of jihad

Recently we have seen mosques used to preach hatred; to spread exhortations to terrorist activity; to house a bomb factory; to store weapons; to disseminate messages from bin Laden; to demand (in the U.S.) that non-Muslims conform to Islamic dietary restrictions; to fire on American troops; to fire upon Indian troops; to train jihadists; and much more.

In light of all that, it is entirely reasonable for free people to oppose the construction of new mosques in non-Muslim countries.

“EDL Stage Rooftop Protest at Mosque Site in Dudley,” from the EDL site, May 2 (thanks to Pamela Geller); via JW:

Some of our supporters are at present barricaded on the roof of a derelict building near the site of the proposed £18m Mega Mosque in Dudley. They have food and water to last them weeks, and a pa system to give speeches. I believe they even have a Playstation! They will be playing the call to prayer to let those who are not bothered by this Mosque know what to look forward to.

Pamela has more details here.


EDL holds anti-jihad rally despite police attempts to obstruct and impede it

The EDL confronts official British dhimmitude. Pamela Geller has an exclusive and enlightening report on yesterday’s EDL rally in Aylesbury, England:

The English Defense League (EDL) held a pro-freedom rally today in Aylesbury. What is not known is the difficulty that the EDL had in making this action happen. High level sources in the EDL told me that the council and the police did everything possible to thwart and obstruct the protest.

Prior to today’s rally, the EDL was in Aylesbury, working with the local council and police to finalize preparations. The EDL was told that they couldn’t take gear and equipment through, because “the roads were going to be closed.” They told the police they would carry the stuff, but the police would not allow them to use their generator.

They also would not allocate any parking, and in a further assault on the basic freedoms of free men, they “closed all of our meeting pubs, and I mean forced them to close.” The EDL were told they were not allowed flag poles unless they were rubber. Remember, it was the Muslims and the leftists who would crash EDL rallies and get violent.

The main worry for the EDL was is the public address equipment. They needed it. After what happened at Nottingham, the police know that a large crowd that can’t hear what is going on will get agitated.

The dhimmi authorities are pulling this to try to stop the forces of good and the fighters for freedom in England. The hope is to kill the movement and get people to either lose interest and not attend, or worse still, to agitate or get violent, so that they can stop the EDL in the future.

“We made it very clear to the EDL at the outset that we would not tolerate any disorder on the day and that there would be a significant police presence.” said Local Area Commander Superintendent Richard List.

The dhimmi cops are so tough with the Brits who love freedom and are fighting for our civilization, but are scared to death of jihadists and leftists who go off at their every demo. The EDL mounted a rally of over a thousand people today, despite the attempts to shut them down….

Read it all.

7 thoughts on “Rooftop Protest at Mosque Site in Dudley”

  1. Great EDL go on with telling the truth. jihadists and leftists are allowed to anything they want, but people who protest against these terrorists are not allowed to even speak. Please Vote the right candidates and kick out these appeasers of jihadists and leftists. Go EDL!!

  2. Apparently the Muslims are roaming Dudley and beating up any ‘pale face’ they come across, see Atlas Shrugs for more.

  3. Can people start photographing these muslim thugs – do it discretely – and try and ensure that there is a reference element also in your photo ie door, car, street sign or lamp. Make sure high res if digital. It doesn’t matter if these mugs are masked. Since the police are useless other means may have to be found to remove these scum of the street but we need a data base of perps. Incidentally, this is the job that the useless PC Booby is supposed to be doing!!

  4. Congratulations to EDL. Remember, once you let the bastards in, it will be difficult to get them out, so rise up before they lay the first stone.

  5. Slightly off topic, but I think this is awesome enough to warrant going off topic. It appears that soon we’re going to have extra-haram squaddies taking the fight to the jihaddi’s in Afghanistan:

    A powder nick-named “Pixie Dust” is being used to save the limbs of war heroes who have been wounded in Afghanistan.

    Surgeons have already used the dust to save several soldiers so badly mutilated that they were at risk of amputation.

    Made from pig bladders it has the ability to help the human body grow new tissue to replace large areas of a leg or arm destroyed by blast damage.

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