Send in the Clowns!

Dumber than dirt:

How Did Times Square Bomber Get Radicalized? Holder: “It’s Not Something We Fully Understand Yet”… Weasel Zippers

Eric Holder today admitted that the Taliban was behind the attempted bombing in Times Square by Faisal Shahzad.   The Political Punch reported>>

Gateway Pundit: Senators Threaten to Sue Obama White House For Withholding Info on Ft. Hood Shootings

Still trying to figure it all out: Pea-brain Holder

Hot Air Pundit/Meet the Press Guest

Extra Screening At Airports May Be Driving Moderate Muslims To Extremism

You might want to sit down for this one…Katty Kay on Meet the Press Roundtable says the extra scrutiny may make people turn towards extremism. This is painful, video here

Al BeBeeCeera hack KATTY KAY: “The issue of screening of course, is the one that Eric Holder raised and it is whether we say it or not, is happening. I’m sure there is more scrutiny of Pakistani Americans coming into the country then there might be of other Americans coming into the country, it is happening already. Whether that, there’s an argument that whether that kind of racial profiling drives people to extremism, I’ve heard moderate Muslims here in America say to me they have known people moderate, law abiding Muslims who when they felt racial screening when they were at Airports have actually then turned towards extremism

Katty Kay is a Washington correspondent for the BBC and is a frequent guest on the Chris “Tingles” Matthews Show

Update: CNN Suggests Times Square Bomber Motive was Foreclosure

Poor little bugger couldn’t realize the American dream, couldn’t manage to pay his mortgage. (But somehow, he managed to fly 20 times to Pakistan to train for jihad instead) Our lefty loons are certifiably insane.  Thanks to the RoP and Blame Anything But Islam

Saudi Govt: When Traveling to US, Don’t Torture Kids; Saudis Not Getting Extra Airport Scrutiny

Debbie Schlussel has more>>

3 thoughts on “Send in the Clowns!”

  1. Things that turn “people” (muslims) to “extremism”:

    * Airport screening and profiling
    * islamophobia
    * Israelis living in (part of) covenant land
    * Lack of respect and sensitivity for muslims & their sensibilities
    (and so on)

    Things that do not turn “people” (muslims) to “extremism”:

    * allah
    * koran
    * false prophet Mo (Permanently Bound Unto Hell)
    * islam (a religion of peace)
    (and so on)

  2. Spot on mullah – it is not the utterings of islamists that are annoying – they are just dumb shits – but the fools in our communities who let them get away with this rubbish.

  3. Regarding Holder its very true that ‘There’s none so blind as he who WILL NOT see”

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