Sheer coincidence that NYC Bombing Suspect Is Muslim, right?

Beyond parody:

Sheer coincidence that Nigerian Farouk Abdulmutallab was the would-be terrorist over Detroit, Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani, has been arrested as a suspect in the New York City bombing

Sheer Coincidence that NYC Bombing Suspect Is Muslim?

By John Lillpop  Tuesday, May 4, 2010

– Satire

According to the Obama administration’s new rules for not fighting terrorism while pretending to be strong on national defense and homeland security, one must never denigrate or impugn the great Muslim faith, otherwise known as the Religion of Peace. CFP has more>>

Janet Incompetanto: “they’re just not our kind of terrorists…”

Napolitano is probably still scouring photos of Tea Party protestors to find the real perpetrators.

From her nonsensical response to the Christmas Day bombing that the system is working to her most recent lone-wolf theory of the car bombing attempt, Napolitano is proving that the real man-made disaster here is her continued service as Homeland Security Secretary.  It is time for her to resign or be shown the door.

Muslims Praise NYC Bombing Attempt

The clues were there, as Robert Spencer observed in this article that only Muslims praised the attempt to inflict mass civilian casualties.  Frontpagemag has more>>


My weekend column touches in part on Comedy Central caving in to Islamic intimidation.On CNN, Ayaan Hirsi Ali said: If the entertainment business were to take this on and show how ridiculous this is, there’ll be too many people to threaten. And at that time I won’t need protection and the gentlemen…

UPDATE: Just to underline the point, Kurt Westergaard has been involuntarily retired by his newspaper for “security reasons“. So angry Muslims barely need to lift the ol’ scimitar anymore. Just threatening to kill you will get your boss to end your career.  Read more…

Terrorism Won’t Go Away By Ignoring It

Terrorism doesn’t go away when you ignore it. Much like a massive oil spill, it doesn’t go away just because you want to play golf or bask in the attention of a worshipful press at a Correspondents Dinner that seems to have more celebrities, both Hollywood and Big Media, than honest hardworking reporters. Terrorism doesn’t take a day off or take holidays off. Not even Muslim holidays. Not even for Ramadan. Terrorism doesn’t go away until you defeat it. It’s that simple.  Sultan Knish has more

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  1. Mumbai Terrorists Mohammedan PAKISTANIS, London Terrorist Mohammedan PAKISTANIS, Spanish Terrorists Mohammedan PAKISTANIS, Ft Hood Terrorist Mohammedan PAKISTANI his guru a Mohammedan PAKISTANI , Thwarted Plane bomber Terrorist Mohammedan PAKISTANI same guru, now Times Square bomber Terrorist Mohammedan PAKISTANI.

    Notice any links here because it seems that the US and European governments DONT and whats more they change all the official language in an attempt to DIVERT you from making the association and want YOU to think that there are none either and its just COINCIDENCE that they are all PAKISTANI and MOHAMMEDAN.

    So do you FEEL SAFER now you have a LYING MOHAMMEDAN in the WHITE House who is running cover for his Religious BROTHERS America?????????

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