Should Islam be VERBOTEN in Europe?

Original in German/English translation  by sheik yer’mami/hat tip PI

In the latest issue of Swiss World Weekly, which spearheaded the minaret prohibition, the opinion was expressed  that discussions  over a Burka prohibition are superfluous, since Islam  itself represents an insurmountable problem.

As the first important Newspaper in Europe,  Swiss Weltwoche  identifies the need to think about a general prohibition of Islam  since Islam is neither compatible or reformable and altogether incompatible with democratic or Judeo Christian/Western values…..

Islam in Europe has more here:

No separation between Church and State, calling for the murder of unbelievers, a doctrine of genocide of Jews: Is Islam compatible with our constitution?

Yesterday the minaret ban. Today the burka ban. And tomorrow? The media and politicians stumble from Islam debate to Islam debate. Which Muslim symbol would be on the agenda next? The beard of the prophet? His water-pipe? Or should the wearing of a “takke” be banned, those white prayer caps which the representative of the Central Islamic Council (IZRS) particularly likes to wear in public?

German Text:

In ihrer neuesten Ausgabe vertritt die Schweizer Weltwoche, Vorkämpferin des Minarett-Verbots, unumwunden die Ansicht, dass die Diskussionen über ein Burka-Verbot unsinnig sind, da der Islam als Ganzes das Problem darstellt. Als erstes wichtiges Blatt in Europa fordert sie deshalb über ein generelles Verbot des Islam nachzudenken, da der Islam nicht reformierbar und mit der Verfassung eines demokratischen und westlich-christlichen Werten verpflichteten Landes nicht vereinbar ist.[mehr]

Other news:

Surprise, surprise: planned Munich mosque imam Benjamin Idriz has close links with Islamic organizations like Milli Görüs and the Islamic Community of Germany (IGD) who are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood. Islam in Europe: Munich: Muslim center plans put on hold after allegations of radicalism

Germany: Turks worst integrated, widespread bigotry

Raising concerns about their failed integration, 40 percent of the country’s more than 2.7 million Turks said they felt unwanted in Germany.  Barbara John, who served as Berlin’s integration commissioner until from 1981 to 2003 said the situation was worst in big cities.
“Turks who are poorly integrated retreat into their community,” she told the paper. “They find security in the traditions they’ve brought along and prefer to stew in their own juices.”

Germany: Group pulls out of Islam conference

Simple:  the only thing the soldiers of Allah want to discuss is complete surrender, submission.

The Central Council of Muslims said the government-sponsored Islam Conference had no concrete goals and did too little to tackle Islamophobia. “The German Islam Conference is nothing but a government-decreed forum,” said Ayyub Axel Koehler, who heads the nationwide alliance of Sunni mosques. Earlier: Germany: Muslims orgs consider boycott of conference after Milli Gorus exclusion

9 thoughts on “Should Islam be VERBOTEN in Europe?”

  1. * Raising concerns about their (Turks) failed integration …

    Iron will not alloy with clay.

  2. It is about time that it will be forbidden. If they don’t do it now, what will happen when Iraq collapses ans Shiite will domonate just like Iran and more demands will be made of the West.
    The Sadr City of Baghdad now getting instructions from Teheran. just wait for a new wave of extremisn.
    No more mosques and hate preaching.
    The next thing they want is Sharia Law.

  3. Of course islam should be banned in europe,not just for financial reasons but for the security of the indigenous people who were given neither choice or protection from the parasitic invasion of islam.No one ever asked the tax paying electorate if they wanted their tax money spent supporting a parasitic infestation of muslims.It would not be so bad if the invaders ideology did not require them to kill the host body that feeds them,but that is not the case.
    If anyone would care to check the UN definition of terrorism or the EU definition or any internationally recognised definition of terrorism they will notice that terrorism is defined as a non state actor or organisation who threaten or use violence against civilians in order to further the ideological ends of the actor/organisation.Islam does threaten and use violence to further its ends,it is a non state organisation which requires its adherents to use violence indiscriminately against non believers.Read the koran if you doubt that.
    Given that islam is by any sensible definition a terrorist organisation does it not follow that every muslim is a member of a terrorist organisation
    Every penny of tax payer money paid to muslims is sponsoring terrorism (which is apparently illegal except when blinkered governments do it) so I appeal to my fellow citizens and tax payers to stop allowing governments from using tax payers money to sponsor terrorism.If you can,withold your tax money until our democratically elected governments fulfill their first duty ( to protect its citizens)

  4. Amen to you Infidel John,
    You hit the nail right of the head. No one ever asked the indigenous people of any country effected by Islam. They are stealing the cream of hundreds of years of labor by us. It did not happen overnight that we formed our societies and these people come along and we, the indigenous people are shoved to the end of the queue.
    Our standards have diminished and will do so for many years to come.
    Our voice needs to be heard and immediately by those who choose this path of Islamization for us. We don’t need them and never have or ever will. Who wants to exchange our lives for theirs? Rac off!!! to all Muslims and the people bringing them to our shores. If they love Islam so much, please go and live with them. Perhaps Afghanistan for male politicians and modern day Saudi for female politicians – See if you can make any decisions there, or wear what you want, or say as you want. Do anything you want. Go there – don’t bring them here.

  5. Therese
    thank you for your kind compliment
    too few people are aware of the verminous nature of islam ,so it is down to us likeminded thinkers to take up arms against the sea of troubles and thus by opposing end them.I don’t mean that literally of course.but I think there are means at our disposal such as the time honoured use of boycott.If we all decided not to do business in any way with muslims,boycott their taxis,curry houses shops etc.refuse to be served in stores by muslims,refuse treatment by muslim medics we will at least be doing something even if it is passive resistance.At the moment I have a goal sentence of 32 days awaiting me because I will not pay my council tax ( local tax to non UK residents)because there are muslims in the borough(lots).I do not see why I should risk being blown to bits or killed by any other means while I go about my daily business earning the money to pay taxes to feed the scum who are trying to kill me

  6. Immigration – let’s get down to the absolute basics .

    Forget about how much immigration , what kind of people we let in ,
    the trickle of people who always land up on any foreign soil –
    I’m talking about planned immigration , the policy of a government to let
    foreign people into a country .
    Why should there be a policy ?

    A people , settled in their country for hundreds , maybe thousands of years ,
    go about their business , get married , produce the next generation – and so life goes on .
    Why on earth would the idea suddenly come to someone ,
    ” Let’s invite some foreigners to live here .”
    Can you see the absurdity of this ?
    I’m not talking about the reactions to people once they’ve arrived from other countries , acceptance , intolerance , hospitality , indifference , hostility .
    I’m talking about people in their daily lives , trying to get an
    education ,working , finding a partner , looking after their children suddenly wanting to share their lives , their country , with foreigners .
    Foreigners live in other countries – maybe you’re bigoted and you dislike foreigners just because they’re foreigners – maybe you find them interesting because they’re foreigners . Maybe you want to go abroad and meet some .
    Maybe you could meet a nice foreigner who liked your country and you might say in a fit of generosity , ” Why don’t you come and live here ? ”
    But to look outside of your country to individuals you know nothing about
    and say , ” Come and live in my country ” WHY ?

    I’m not debating the pros and cons of planned , wished for immigration up to now – I’m saying that it’s strange idea .

    Governments do things for a reason – not always good reasons and they don’t always ( often ? ) tell us what these reasons are .
    Planned immigration is not an idea that’s just popped unbidden into their collective heads .
    It’s been thought out as a policy – what was their policy ? – they didn’t tell us .
    What IS their policy ? – they haven’t actually explained but it’s something to do with the FACT that we live in a multicultural society .

    Politicians are not , in general , kind people .
    Their first priority in life is neither foreigners nor the locals .
    Advocating immigration has something to do with their careers or their ideology but nothing to do with us or our wishes.
    We can all come up with our own ideas about why they want to import more and more foreigners – whatever reasons we come up with why they wish to import more and more foreigners into our country,
    given everything that’s happened over the last years , the behaviour of the muslims , it wouldn’t be difficult
    to find good, solid reasons why we are now wary of inviting any more – why some want a complete halt to immigration and some might even want to send our muslims back whence they came .

  7. As PAKISTANI MOHAMMEDANS are or seem to be involved in ALL the recent TERRORIST ATROCITIES surely it would make sense to severely limit the INTERNATIONAL travel of to PROFILE, QUESTION and MONITOR ALL Pakistanis traveling to EUROPE and the USA even those carrying OTHER counties PASSPORTS. The AMERICAN CITIZEN PAKISTANI MOHAMMEDAN TERRORIST and his compatriots and the Ft Hood TERRORIST have shown that is necessary. It would save the Security Forces so much time and would UNDOUBTABLY help drastically reduce TERRORISM.

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