Sick. Skeletor (Alan Colmes) is now an expert on Islam…

“There’s no such thing as radical Islam, because it’s not part of the religion, people aren’t doing this in the name of true Islam”

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Update: I just sent Megyn this:

Dear Megyn,

You normally come across as quite intelligent and well informed.

When debating Islam, however, it is clear that you know very little, and debating something you know little about with a complete moron like skeletor makes you look foolish and reflects badly on your show.

May I suggest that you get some experts like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, Brigitte Gabriel or myself on your show?

It would be a lot more interesting, informative, truthful and helpful for the general public than the mental tosh of Alan Colmes, who is about as relevant to this debate as a cigarette butt in a pile of garbage.

If you have any questions re Islam please check  with

Kindest regards,



Alan Colmes says there is no such thing as radical Islam. His reasoning is that there is nothing Islamic about screeching “Allahu Akhbar” while killing infidels because an Imam told you to.

Make sure you have a barf bag handy….

Here’s the flaw in his “reasoning:” There is one country on Earth run entirely by Islamic clerics — Iran. Iran is also the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. One might reasonably conclude from that that terrorism is compatible with Islamic religious philosophy. If the Vatican were sponsoring terrorism around the world, you could fairly draw the same conclusion about radical Roman Catholicism. But they aren’t.

The Progressive Left is so wet-their-pants terrified of being considered un-PC that they deny the facts in front of them.

12 thoughts on “Sick. Skeletor (Alan Colmes) is now an expert on Islam…”

  1. Alan makes me sick to my stomach every time I hear him talking
    he is either ignorant or stupid or a liar… He doesn’t know no shit about islam, read fucking quran and learn Arabic than come and open your F****** mouth and say islam is a religion of peace
    I wish one day I see him so I can spit on his face

  2. Alan Colmes has obviously not read the Qur’an, aHadith, or any Islamic books. All he is basing his opinions on is what he hears from other left-wing morons.

  3. Why does Fox News even give these idiots air time? It would be nice to have an expert on there right across the table from him.
    Robert Spencer or David Horowitz would certainly give him an ear-full.
    Islam is what Islam is.
    She is very beautiful when she gets angry, is she not?

  4. Hi Shiek,
    Both of these twits are clueless, it’s just the Skeletor is just a bit more clueless than the Fox (and she is) host.

    As we know, Islam is just Islam there is not radical Islam or moderate Islam, it’s just Islam….and jihadis know this, but clueless boobs like thoe two choose to white wash Islam more than the muzzies and Mus-tards (Muslim retards) do.

    Morons all of them.

  5. But he is right in one thing there is no such thing as Radical Islam, Fundamental Islam or Misunderstood Islam there is just Islam and that is the font of EVIL

  6. Over 60% of the Koran has hate filled passages on how to deal (make war) with kafur. Can Skeletor show the same about the Bible?

    The President of Turkey said, “There is no radical Islam, onlt Islam.” He also quoted a poem that compared Mosque as barracks and such.

  7. Exactly senor doeboy. I think the President of Turkey knows more about Islam than Colmes does.

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